Tai Lopez's 67 Steps

Last year I "graduated" from Tai Lopez's 67 Steps. In a nutshell, the 67 steps are guidelines to an amazing life. It consists of strategies, tools, techniques and tips on how to excel on the 4 pillars of life : Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Everyday, for 67 days, Tai sends you a link via email to a new video and at the end of it you'll be asked 1-4 questions that must be submitted in order to move on to the next step.

Tai has one of the biggest book clubs in the World (Oprah also has one, a huge one at that!) so, his views are not only his but hundreds of other people's. He shares quotes, personal stories and reviews of many books. .

Considering the lack of time throughout the day to dedicate myself to watching the videos, I made a commitment to wake up every day (except Saturday & Sunday because I didn't work those days) at 5 am to do so. I stuck with that and it was and still is totally worth it! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone but I don't want you to just take my word for it! For 67 days, I will be sharing some of the things I learned from the 67 steps and you can make your decision then.

I am not getting paid for this, on the contrary, I PAID FOR THIS, so I want you to have an idea of the content before you pay for it. Maybe it is for you, maybe it isn't, but here you can have an overview and make your decision.

Enjoy the sweet side of life.


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