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67 Lessons that schools failed to teach us

A few years ago, when I was still in my 9 to 5 job, I wanted to make a drastic change in my life but I simply didn't know how or what to change.

I knew for a fact I didn't want to continue in that job and wanted to start something on my own, I also knew that I wanted to be at home with my children, at the time we had one and I was pregnant with the second.

I came across Tai Lopez and the 67 steps program. I immersed myself in the classes and for a period of 67 days I committed to waking up at 5 am in the morning so I could watch the lessons before starting my day and going to work.

Fast forward to today, I am doing exactly what I want to do be doing. I was able to quit my job, become a stay home mother to our four children and started working on my dreams and goals while the kids took a nap.

The 67 steps gave me tools and ideas that I would have never learned in a matter of 67 days.

Tai Lopez mentions books, movies and people who are highly influential in their fields, to elaborate on how you too can become successful and achieve your goals if you are willing to change your perspective and paradigms.

At the end of each step, you will also be challenged to analyze yourself as well as your past and current decisions which is a great way to go back and see what you could have done differently.

In a nutshell, the 67 steps are guidelines to an amazing life. It consists of strategies, tools, techniques and tips on how to excel on the 4 pillars of life : Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Working on yourself should be a continuous journey so I'd recommend that you take the 67 steps at least once a year to keep the lessons fresh in your head. You can listen to it on the way to work, in the morning as you drink your coffee and even when you work out.

Now, if you aren't sure if the course is for you, take a look at the steps I have written a review for and hopefully that will help you make a decision.

Tai Lopez's 67 Steps Review

1 - The Billionaire's Brain & Jennifer Lopez's Voice

To get what you want you have to deserve what you want

2 - Blue-Footed Booby Birds, ESS, & The 500 Year Old Mind

The changeability to survive...

3 - Sam Walton's Night In A Brazilian Jail, Stealing From McDonald's & Michael Jordan's Humility

The humility that it takes to overcome...

4 - Picasso's Rising Tide & The Law of 33%

Using mentors to shave years off the learning curve.

5 - My Poor Friends & Cameron Diaz's Parrot

The difference between how rich and poor people assimilate knowledge.

6 - Sculpture vs. The Lottery & The Anthropic Media Bias

Eliminating biases on successes' exponential time frame.

7 - Martin Seligman's Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness

Realizing in the modern world you are out of the cage & out in the jungle.

8 - The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia

Moving past a linear reductionist understanding of your life's work.

9 - Warren Buffett's Book-A-Day Diet & Making War With A Multitude Of Counselors

Why billionaires read a lot.

10 - Stoic vs. Epicurean Arnold's 1,000 Reps, Apache Cold Showers, and the Spartan Whipping Post

Why you have to develop thick skin.

11 - The Whispers Of 10,000 Generations, Dunbar's 150, & Evolutionary Mismatch

Your neural programming doesn’t have ‘memory’ to understand the complexity of the modern

12 - Mike's Stack Of Resumes, My 96 Year-old Grandma, & Your Eulerian Destiny

How to create your one sentence destiny plan.

13 - The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing To Work, & Avoiding What You Love

How to set up your life so that your work is your vacation.

14 - The Shaolin Monk & Touching An Electric Fence

Why everything is your fault.

15- Descartes & Solving Problems With A Calculator

When you seek for truth, it's the only thing that remains.

16- Rousseau, The Renaissance Man, & Iron Sharpening Iron

Why you must embrace controversy.

17- Elon Musk‘s 14-Hour Workday vs. The 4-Hour Workweek

The myths of our time.

18- Man-On-The-Moon Contrast Keeping Easy Things Easy

The mental framework to simplify anything.

19- & The $32,000 Brain Budget

The education budget you must institute.

20- Richard Branson's Hurricane & The Imaginary World Of Kanye West

How to remake the world in your own image.

21- Mastering The Four P.A.S.E. Energies & Casanovas Chameleon

A new perspective on social skills.

22- The Seven-fold Path To The Obvious Signs

The methodology that took us out of the dark ages.

23- Landing Your Plane On The Great Wall

How to bypass the obstacles of life.

24- Gandhi's Funeral, Stephen Covey's Wars, & Flurries Of Activity

The true test of a life well-lived.

25- Joel Salatin On Nature Laughing Last, The Respect Of Seasons, and The Terrible Twos

The natural cycles that dictate your life.

26 - Belts, Suspenders, Failing To Fail, The Six Sigma Heartbeat, & How To Not Crash Your F-22

Creating perfect systems.

27- The Frontman & The Two Ways To Pick Your Trench Mate

Insider tricks on assembling your support team.

28- Lao-Tzu's and John Wooden's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

The preparation that precedes good luck.

29- Stephen Hawking, Entropy, & Remembering The Future

The injection of energy to overcome time.

30- Peter Drucker, The Cluttered Attic And The Invention Of Rules

Removing disabling ignorance.

31- Delegating To Shalini & Sam Walton's Over-The-Shoulder Style.

How to manage people.

32- Slot Machine Probability & Chasing The Mirage‏

How to step out of the cave into a more accurate reality.

33 - Teaching Pigs To Fly & Pushing On Strings

When to persevere and when to quit.

34 - Bill Gates & The Ten Dark Years

Overcoming the media cognitive bias.

35- Ignoring The Ninety-Nine, & The One-Tenth Rule

The counter intuitive approach you must adopt.

36- The Sucker In The Room & The Lollapalooza Effect

Using cognitive biases but not having them used against you.

37- Why Restaurants Fail

Controlling all 3 of the classic factors of production.

38- Throwing Idiots To The Crocodiles

Construct a barrier only against this type of person.

39- Alienating The 82% With Your Messy Message

The proper use of the niche.

40- Practical Pessimism, Paris Hilton's Grandfather, & Contemplating The Downside

The fine balance of proper perspective.

41- Sam Chupp & Making, Watching, Wondering

Moving beyond the 3 types into just the 2 types.

42- Donuts, A $250,000 Check, And General Eisenhower

The tendency to misweight.

43- 20% Weird Factor, The Cabbage Mind, & The Treachery Of Scoundrels

The leeway you should allow.

44 - Six Pack Of The Mind

Focusing on first things first.

45- Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & The Tyranny of The 1st & 15th

Undoing the chains of the rat-race.

46- Allan Nation‘s 1,000 Sheep And Not Doing It Small

The framework to scalability and expansion.

47- The 5% Tweak, Nothing Janky, & When Good Enough is Perfect

Making small steps towards big progress.

48- Michael Jordan Swagger & American Idol Syndrome

The truth about humility, pride and delusion.

49- Why Jay Z And Warren Buffet Like Baseball

The ratcheting pattern of success.

50- Mastering The Wrong Things & Blue Eyeshadow Numb-nuts

The how and why of self-reliance.

51- Chatting With Wittgenstein's Lion

The power and effectiveness of language.

52- Pareto Efficiencies & The Business Triple Entente

Achieving the ultimate win-win with a level 3 approach to life.

53- The Second Rule Is Never Forget The First Rule

The profit motive.

54- Chess-Like Assiduity & Armchair Meditation

The real use for deep thinking.

55- The 7 Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful People & The Tardy Tree Sloth

How to invert your way into getting what you want.

56- Floating Across The Pacific On A Raft And Why Sitting Bull Liked To Be Shot At

The most important of all personality traits.

57- Unstumpability & Sherlock Holmes Sleuthing

Uncovering all the knowledge at your fingertips.

58- Death By Faint Praise and Charlie Munger's Grandfather

What you never want to hear someone say about you.

59- The Diligent Celebrity & Meeting The King

How to get local celebrity status.

60- The Dutch Big Gulp

Readjusting the pace of success.

61- The $495,000 Honda Accord

The real value of money.

62- $20 Billion Gift From Strangers & Building Forgiveness Into The Land

Building systems that persist.

63- Alexander the Great's Aggression and The Truth About Your Age

The best way to counter any opposition.

64- Forgetting Who's In The Room

Avoiding the success faux pas...

65- The Pierian Spring & From Whence Cometh The Pride

The self-fulfilling delusion.

66- Elvis Presley & The Persistent Widow

What Jerry Weintraub knew.

67- Annihilating The Amygdala & MPFC Mastery

Moving past the primitive regions of your brain.


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