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Simple steps to a more fulfilled life

simple steps to achieve a more fulfilled life

The Integrate Good Life and the Four Pillars of Eudaimonia

Moving past a linear reductionist understanding of your life works

We have been told our entire lives to not date people from work, not to bring the problems from work to home, to not be our kids' friends, and an endless list of other things we should keep separate. Well, Tai Lopez brings up a whole new concept that is going to change your point of view.

Step 8 is fascinating and really opens up your mind to how diligent you should be when listening to the common voice of the world. When you compartmentalize your life into categories it becomes easy to lose focus as everything is scattered. Now, to live a very fulfilled life, your life and all four pillars must be integrated, if one falls they all fall. Hence, why happiness is so envied nowadays.

The four pillars of life consist of:

* Health - Physically

* Wealth - Financially

* Love - Family, Friends & Romance

* Happiness - Fulfillment for purposes larger than yourself

Observe how people live their lives. Most individuals that work out go to a gym outside of their homes but why not integrate your healthy life with everything else. For example, you can decide that from now on you will start taking phone calls standing up or set up a treadmill so you can walk while on the phone. You don't have to sit for 8 hours, which is super unhealthy, so you can then go live your healthy life for about 1 to 2 hours a day.

Another compartmentalization that humans do is work at a job they hate so they can enjoy a couple of weeks of vacation. How can that make anybody happy? You must enjoy what you do everyday so you don't have the need to take vacations, or the need to hate Mondays because that's the day you go back to your miserable J-O-B!

You must start integrating your life, start slow but make a change today. Tai recommends to start with Health, which is the easiest to integrate since is the one we have the most control over. Once you have achieved that pillar move on to Wealth, then Love and finally Happiness. You see how happiness is the last one? I believe it is because you must conquer the integration of the first 3 pillars so you can have fulfillment to work on something bigger than you.

Finally, don't be fooling yourself into thinking you are happy because you have a job and financial stability, a good health and family and friends that love you. Our mind knows when we are being a hypocrite to ourselves, pay attention what you are really saying. If you hate Mondays maybe is time to rethink if you really like this job.

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