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The difference between how rich and poor people assimilate knowledge

Let's consider you are a person who has friends, it is probable that you have a variety of them; rich and poor, fat and fit, smart and not so smart. Have you ever taken an accountability of what makes them different from each other? Do they think differently? What makes them that way?

In this step, Tai explains the difference between poor and rich.Rich is not necessarily financially rich, it means being/having abundance in a certain subject or aspect of life. For example, let’s say you have a fat friend and a fit friend, the fit friend is rich in fitness and health but the fat friend is poor in that area. However, the fat friend may be financially rich whereas the fit friend is poor in that aspect of life.

Once you learn the skill to differentiate your poor friends from your rich friends in the areas of life that you want to improve or get more acquainted with, you’ll be able to determine and discern good ideas from bad ideas. You should never discriminate against race, sex or any other paradigm, only against bad ideas!

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Another valuable point of view is the parrot theory. Do you want to be the parrot that people want to hear or the parrot that people can’t wait for it shut up? Well, start observing people’s speech and your own reaction to what they are saying, is it good or it is bad? Have you ever had a “WTF, why do this person even open their mouth to speak” reaction? Speech is a reflection of what’s in your brain, just like the fruit is a reflection of its tree so be careful what you are letting out of your mouth.


All in all a great step, it helped me learn how to analyze the people who I am surrounded by. With that I am able discern who is rich or poor in each of the 4 pillars of life. I most certainly don’t want to be the annoying parrot everyone can’t wait for it to shut up.

Enjoy the sweet side of life!

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