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Why you should ignore 99% of the people you speak to | 67 steps to a great life | Step 35

Ignoring the 99 & The one tenth rule - The counter intuitive approach you must adopt

why you should ignore 99% of the people you speak to

We are surrounded by all types of people who have all kinds of opinions about life, health, love and money. However, who you listen to and take advice from can dramatically impact your life.

So, who should you listen to and take advice from?

In this Step 35 of the 67 steps by Tai Lopez, he discusses why you should ignore 99% of the people and their opinions but find the one person who is an expert and has expertise and knowledge at the subject you are seeking an answer to and follow all their advice on that matter.

We have the tendency to go around telling others our business and asking for their advice. You can see this happening often around your work place, group of friends and now with the internet, you see it often on social media people asking for advice about their relationship, raising their kids, how to invest money and so many other dilemmas they are currently experiencing in their lives.

But if you read the answers you will see that rarely anyone has an answer with an actual foundation, and many times they are really bad advice that doesn't create a solution to the problem at hand.

How do you avoid that in your life?

It is simple! First step is to make the rule to ignore 99% of the people in your life. Find experts in that field which can be either people you personally know but can also be through books, seminars, coaching, etc.

Listening to the right people can put you on the right path to finding a solution to your problem but listening to the wrong people can also do the very opposite. It isn't about looking down on people but it is rather about playing the right cards, hence listening to the right people with the right solutions.

One of the best ways to do that is to not ask certain people certain questions, for example, if you have a friend who is in great shape but is broke and bad with money you should refrain from discussing money with them but if you are looking for work out tips and healthy foods to eat then they may be a great person to talk to.

To hear the best advice you must become really good at controlling your sources. Be careful who you surround yourself with and who you listen to. Many times we cannot control what our ears hear and our brain may capture that message and believe it as a true good source when in fact, it really isn't.

Be okay with cutting bad sources from your life, do not be afraid to get rid of the people that serves your brain no purpose and that may poison your life with mediocre and even bad ideas or advice. In order to have a great life, you must be willing to weed out the bad so the great can flourish.

Don't allow average people to tell you how to be great. If you want to be great at anything then you must go straight to the top and get advices and knowledge from the experts. If you want to be a millionaire then listen to billionaires, if you want to be fit then listen to bodybuilders and professional athletes, if you want a great relationship then listen to someone who has been married for years because if you can achieve 10% of their success then you are already doing great.

Aim high and never settle for average!

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Average is the worse enemy of great

Questions worth pondering

1 - When it comes to health who are you listening to that should be ignored?

2- When it comes to health who are you going to start listening to?

3 - When it comes to wealth who are you listening to that should be ignored?

4 - When it comes to wealth who are you going to start listening to?

5 - When it comes to love and relationships who are you listening to that should be ignored?

6 - When it comes to love who are you going to start listening to?

7 - When it comes to happiness who are you listening to that should be ignored?

8 - When it comes to happiness who are you going to start listening to?

Authors and entrepreneurs mentioned in this step:

Allan Nation

Stephen Hawkins

Will Durant

Books mentioned in this step:


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