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Hi!!! I am Juju Gurgel and I am a mother of 3, realtor in Florida and blogger.


If you can't already tell, let me let you in a little secret, I document almost everything I am up to so my website is full of reviews of products, restaurants, attractions, hotels and many other things that I have tried and/ or learned.

I love to eat so if you are like me, be sure to check out my restaurant reviews page for the delicious places I have eaten at.

Southwest Florida is where home currently is and I really enjoy living here. I try to explore my hometown as if I was a tourist and write a whole lot about it too

One of my hobbies is reading and then writing about the things I have read and sometimes I share them with my readers right here.

I am the biggest people's person you will ever meet so don't be afraid of leaving suggestions, comments, questions or even just a simple hello ; ) I literally thrive from connecting with others.



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