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Eliminating biases on success exponential time frame

If I had a penny for each time I heard someone say " I heard on the news that..." I'd be a millionaire and you would too! Step 6 touches on the matter of having too much access to the media. Many reporters claim they strive to report the truth to the public but the real truth is that they aim for high ratings and some stuff just isn't "sexy" enough to attract it. The media oversimplify things in a way that you may think that that's all it takes to achieve the same result "as seen on tv", however, reality is much different than that!

If you watch a news story about a person who has achieved success, it seems like it happened overnight. They had an idea, they called a friend who could help,built it, showed it to people and everybody loved it and now they are millionaires. WOW, imagine that, all I need is an idea and I can be a millionaire! The road to success is a little bit more complex than that so don't let the media put ideas in your head. You must be able to step back and analyze whether the story is a myth or reality. I believe that is why Taireinforces the idea of drifiting away from fiction books and emphasizes that the best books to read are biographies.

The next approach is the Sculpture vs lottery. The approach is pretty simple: you can live your life in a way that you are waiting for things to happen and you truly believe that one day everything you want and desire will happen just because or you can sculpt your life, every day work a little bit harder towards your goals so you can be the judge of the outcome.

Think about a rock and that you would like to turn that rock into something beautiful. There's no quick fix to it, you are going to have to work hard at it and chip at it numerous times in order to turn it into something you are proud of. That's the way life works, there is no quick fix! You are going to have to work hard, put in time and dedication in all 4 pillars of life. That goes from watching what you eat so you don't get sick as often or going to social events so you can network and attract more business and the list goes on and on.

However, success doesn't come in the instant you start doing the work. As Molière once said "The fruit that are slow to grow bear the best fruit", meaning you will enjoy a sweet victory but it will take time, so be patient and continue grinding everyday and one day you will be rewarded.

Success is a state of mind. The only difference between successful and non successful people is that the first group are waiting for things to happen to them and the other is making things happen for them. Stop trying to find a diet or a get rich quick formula, change your life habits and your state of mind and the things you want will eventually come. THERE IS NO SHORTCUTS IN LIFE!

Enjoy the sweet side of life.

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