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Sam Walton's night in a Brazilian jail, stealing from McDonald's & Michael Jordan's

If a survey was to be conducted asking people if how humble they believe they are, most people would say pretty humble. Well, Tai Lopez would prove most of those people wrong in this step 3.

Step 3 is another core step, you must make sure you understand and learn it before moving on. Go back to it as much as you need it because you will need it! Tai discusses the humility it takes to overcome the fear of being wrong or not knowing. In order to have great success in all 4 pillars you must be humble enough to know you don't know and take action to know it.

Tai was ingenious when elaborating the content by mentioning great names in the history of humanity such as Sam Walton, Michael Jordan, McDonald's brothers, Pablo Picasso and the list goes on. With each individual comes a story of humility behind it. Sam Walton, for example, would spend hours in his competitors stores learning from them, not directly of course. He once got caught in a Brazilian store going under shelves and checking how they organized items and consequently ended up in jail.

Another great name is Michael Jordan. You may think he doesn't fit in this humility category as the guy passed on a pretty cocky vibe, however, if you hear it from his coaches they will tell you that Michael Jordan was the most coachable athlete they have ever met! A Person may come off as cocky but be humble in actions.

Personally, a great take for me was the Robin Hood Mentality which you view every person as having a little piece of gold in their brain and you are trying to take their gold and give it to yourself. There are some people that we just think we cannot learn anything from, however, you can also learn what NOT to do from those people! How NOT to eat, how NOT to act, how NOT to speak and a bunch of other not's!

Now, go ahead a take a personal account of your humility level:

1- How many books have you read?

2- How many mentors do you have?

3- How much money have you spent on learning? (seminars, audiobook, books, other forms of educating yourself)

From 1 to 10 what would you give yourself?

Enjoy the sweet side of life.

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