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Blue Footed Booby Bird, ESS and the 500 year old mind | The changeability to survive

In this step, Tai Lopez explains the importance of adapting and how change is the basic law of nature. The most important piece of advice I took from this step was a quote by Leon C Megginson:

Your IQ nor your strength will get you success unless you are able to adapt and change. Some people stay in jobs, relationships or situation for too long simply because they don't have the ability to change or adapt to a new situation or don't know how to.

it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. it is the one that is most adaptable to change

Tai also elaborates on the evolution of an individual and how in order to be successful you can't ever be comfortable to the point you are not evolving. In Tai's eyes, evolution means not just becoming better at what you do but understanding people better and you can only do that once you stop seeing things black and white and right or wrong. There are so many colors in between and just because you may disagree with something doesn't necessarily means it is wrong.

When a person sees a situation as a failure instead of an experiment, he is thinking black and white. Progress only happens when you analyze a situation and realize how much was learned and the step to achieving your desired results is closer.

Thomas Edison is the perfect example of a person who saw his "failures" as an experiment and continued to work on his project: THE LIGHT BULB. Thank God for that, I always think to myself, what would have happened if he'd just stopped? Would we be using candles still?

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Consequently, you must understand that if you get stuck on a paradigm your road to success will be more challenging but if you can learn do adapt, continue to evolve and learn how to see the colors in between black and white you will achieve success in a more prosperous way.

Enjoy the sweet side of life!

Books Mentioned in this step:

Night by Ellie Wiesel

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