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Picasso's Rising Ride & The Law of 33% | Using mentors to shave years off the learning curve

Imagine if you could get all the right answers about life from one person? It would be so much easier to learn, wouldn't it? Instead of going from book to book, seminar to seminar, person to person, you'd just go to one person. However, the world is just too complex for that, thus the importance of mentors in a person's path to success.

In previous steps, Taiexplained how crucial it is to learn from others, even if it's what not to do but a mentor is way more than that. A mentor is person who has achieved what you want and is about 10-20 years ahead of you. They aren't perfect people and you may not always approve of what they do, yet you must know what you want to learn from them and if they are knowledgeable about it.

The great Sir Isaac Newton once said "Stand on the shoulder of giants". With that he suggests that we should get knowledge and advice from the great minds, people that have done what we want to do, since that will bring us great advantage by reducing mistakes and enhancing awareness in one or more areas of life.

On another note, this step also explains how significant it is to spend a certain portion of your time with different types of people. The Law of 33% details with what type of people you should spend your time as well as when. Here's a description of what I learned, this of course can very depending on the amount of time you are awake, Tai suggests that most people are awake for an average of 16 hours.

33% - People behind you - 4 to 5 hours - It helps you build your self-steem because you can help them.

33% - People on your level - 4 to 5 hours - They are going through similar things as you, you can relate to them and that makes you happy.

33% - People 10-20 years ahead of you - These are you mentors, sometimes these type of people make you feel uncomfortable and you NEED this!

This step is great as it clarifies who a mentor is and how much they bring to the table. Sometimes people mentor us without even knowing, by being around someone who has achieved your goals you can learn valuable information otherwise unattainable,.After all, how did you learn to speak? I would say by watching others around you, right? So, surround yourself with great people but don't forget that other relationships are just as important.

Enjoy the sweet side of life!

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