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Elon Musk's 14 hour work day vs the 4 hour work | Step 17 of 64 steps review

67 steps review

Step 17 - Elon Musk's 14 hour work day vs the 4 hour work week

The myths of our time

There is a book, you may have heard of , called the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris and many people read this book and completely change their mind set from working 8 hours per day at something they hate to now only working 4 hours at something they hate.

Amazing, isn't it? Now, instead of spending 40 hours doing what you hate, you only get to do it for 4 hours a week!

Except that it isn't amazing. Putting any hours into anything you hate will never produce the fruits of your full potential.

It's scientifically proven that humans give their best at activities they are passionate about. It requires passion to put in hours of work into a project to achieve your vision but instead many believe that key to success is to work less at something they hate.

Rather than working more at something they love.

Well, that's what most people in society strive for: To work less, but Is it laziness?

In this step 17 of the 67 steps, Tai Lopez elaborates on the fact that most people aren't lazy, they are simply doing something that they don't like to do, hence, it feels like work! However, once the person finds something they truly enjoy doing, they will want to do more of it and won't be trying to figure a way out of it.

This step encourages the viewer to understand the myths of time.

For example, Tai used the analogy of someone who found their soul mate and is about to get married. The person says that he's found a way to only spend 4 hours of the week with their "soon to be" spouse and the rest of the time would be spent doing whatever else he liked.

What would you think in a situation like that? Chances are you would be asking yourself and the person:

"Why would you marry someone you only want to spend 4 hours of the week with? You are marrying the wrong person, don't do it !"

Now, transfer that analogy to career, if you only want to spend 4 hours of the week working on said profession, then chances are you are in the wrong career.

Don't get married to it, meaning, don't make it long term.

The great entrepreneur and founder of pay pal Elon Musk has a great saying about time and effort:

"If you work 100 hours per week when everybody else is working 40 hours a week, you'll accomplish in 3-4 months what would take about a year for others to accomplish."

Hence, the amount of time you put into doing something will determine the time and level of success you will achieve.

If you only put about 40 minutes everyday and the other person is doing 14 hours, who do you think is going to succeed first? Obviously, the person who has put 96 hours over the other person!

The suggestion in this 67 steps is not to become a workaholic but to rather deviate from the myths that society has about time.

Being a workaholic means having an imbalanced life but having a 4 hour work week means hating what you do which can cause an imbalance life too so you don't want either situation. No extreme is good, learn how to stay in the middle, balanced.

Finally, you must be excited about what you do everyday because one day when you are old and you look back and remember the days you had the energy to work and get things done!

So, don't waste your time sitting down, watching tv and time pass by, you will have old age for that, get things done today, a lot of things!

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