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How to find a simple mental frame to simplify your life 67 steps review

The 67 Steps review - Step 18

Man on the Moon Contrast & Keeping Easy Things Easy

As a child I wanted to be an astronaut and as a every kid, I also believed that I could be and do whatever I wanted to. But then I grew up and realized how hard it actually was to even become part of the Nasa team and I quickly gave that up. When you think about what it took for man to get to the moon, how many minds had to work together to arrive at one final goal. It takes such a tremendous amount of time, effort, patience and knowledge to send humans to the moon that the task is almost impossible yet we have achieved it.

Now, if you analyze all the elements needed for man to go to the moon, it seems almost absurd when you hear the phrase" I have tried everything" for a situation which people seem to not find success in. Truth is, they know and you know that they have not tried everything, not even 1/3. You see, once you start saying you have tried everything, your brain goes into "I have tried everything and no longer needs to try anymore" mode. Your brain is a powerful tool that can act in your favor or against you if you don't know how to use it.

This 67 steps is very important, especially if you don't know how to trick your brain and is constantly letting it trick you. For example, if your goal is to make a $100,000 this year but you think that's going to be really hard, you can then compare that to going to the moon. Going to the moon is way harder but it was done,suddenly, making a $1000,000 seems easy to your brain. So, scale down and shrink every problem or goal and then play a trick on your mind by contrasting it with something super hard. Your brain is going to ecstatic because you have now given it the power to go above and beyond to find a solution!

When picking the contrast make sure it is a big one. In this 67 steps, Tai Lopez recommends to pick a person or situation that is 10 times bigger than yours, that's why the man on the moon analogy works so well. However, you should create your own contrasts. If you are into body building, for example, pick Arnold Schwarzenegger, who figured out a way to work out 6 hours per day. I know, 6 hours is a a lot of time but can you find maybe 15 to 30 minutes per day?

Consequently that questions brings me to next subject on this 67 steps: Focusing on making things simple so you can do the things that really matter.

We waste too much time doing things that can be done by others or over doing things that can be kept simple. My husband used to mow our own lawn on the weekends. He hated it, spent way too much time at it and didn't do as good of a job as a professional would. We then decided we needed to hire someone to mow our lawn, we couldn't afford all of the time my husband was wasting. We calculated how much time he spent, how much his time is worth and let the numbers point out the obvious decision: it cost less to hire a landscaper, so we did!

Tai also explains that we only get 3 bursts of glycogen (google it, if you don't know) per day and that should be spent only on our main goals. We should never spend time thinking about what we are going to wear everyday to work, instead, we should have a wardrobe with outfits that we like and are basically the same. Mark Zuckerberg does that a whole lot, he is always wearing t-shirt and jeans and most of the time the shirt is blue. You may ask why does he do that? Because he knows if he takes the energy to make decisions on things that are unimportant in his chosen field ,he will end up not having the energy to make the right decisions for the things that really matter.

Finally, use all of your brain power to focus on the big things. Don't let the little things linger in your mind. You must have courage to face your fears and not let your own brain sabotage you. Remember, sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

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