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The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing to Work & Avoiding What You Love

How to set up your life so your work is your vacation

Step 13 - The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing to Work & Avoiding What You Love

How to set up your life so your work is your vacation

If I surveyed people around the world and asked them if they liked vacations, everyone would say yes but if I asked them if they needed vacation, the answer would depend on what each person does for work.

Take some time to think about the people you know, how many of them truly enjoy what they do and Monday's and Friday's are just another day of the week? Probably not that many. Most people you and I know go to work looking forward to vacation time. They hate what they do, they spend at least 11 months doing something they despise so they can have 1 month of happiness.

Step 13 is a great step especially if you are not happy with what you are currently doing. Tai discuss the time he spent with the Amish and how they never took a vacation. In fact, they found the whole idea of vacation pretty puzzling. They live such an integrated life that everyday is vacation for them. Work is not really work, is just something they do as part of their lives. On top of that, work is done amongst family and friends, there isn't any separation.

Tai Lopez discusses how most people today believe that they will derive some level of happiness from vacation, believing that it is the ultimate end game. He also adds that a life where the end game is vacation is a pathetic life, as it is not possible for someone to be happy when they hate their everyday life.

Of course, everyone needs down time but as part of a integrated cycle. Down time as a ritual is great, for example, Christmas time. Holidays are not something you do because you need to be away from work but rather is a custom, a culture that your family has.

So, if you aren't tap dancing to work every morning then what should you do? Well, you should find something that you like to do and not something you love. According to Allan Nation, people should marry someone they like rather than someone they love. Lust could be mistaken by love, and after you marry someone lust goes out the window and all you really end up with is another human being you have to deal with everyday. So, find someone you like, someone you have a level of friendship and comparability. Same goes for what you do for a living.

In the end, you have to realize that looking for something that has the potential to make money is a mirage. What makes you tap dance out of bed may not be a great opportunity at first but who cares? Live a life in which you are happy everyday and not just a couple of days out of the year.

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