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4 easy steps to create your one sentence destiny plan

4 easy steps to create your one sentence destiny plan

Step 12- Mike's Stack of Resumes, my 96 year old grandma, and your eulerian destiny

How to create your one sentence destiny plan.

The world is full of options, or so you think. We are given the false illusion that we can truly be and have anything we want. But that is only true if you don't want to live a very fulfilled life.

In this step, Tai Lopez gives you a guide on how to find your destiny. For some time, I have heard all over the internet to find my passion and that's how I would find my destiny. Cool, now how do I find my passion? I couldn't find the answer until Tai broke it down into simple steps.

First, he elaborates on the 5% rule that the only people that truly succeed in something are the ones that are within the 95-100% range of being great, the others are just average and usually just do okay. So, the mentality of thinking that you are good at a lot of things just means that you are average at a lot of things. If you are just average you will never be in the top 5% so you must find that one thing you are great at.

You cannot afford to be that person on American Idol who thinks they can sing while everyone is laughing at them. It's a waste of your and other's times. If you are just average at something, move on, that is not your destiny!

Second, think about what you really want to do in life, how you want others to see you when you die. Now put that into a 6-8 word sentence. The goal is to be sure anyone can understand it, including your 96 year old grandma. Here is how to create your one sentence by asking 4 questions:

1- What and Who did you grow up around? Ex: On a farm with mom and dad who were self sustained farmers

2 - Stranger Feedback - What have strangers told you about you, something you are good or bad at, good or bad features.

3 - What have you been doing for the past 10 years - Is there anything specific that remained consistent throughout the years?

4 - What can you talk about effortlessly with your friends on a Saturday night? - Look at your past weekends, what did you talk about the most?

The answer for these 4 questions must connect like an eulerian figure, if it doesn't connect you haven't arrived at your destiny yet. Keep trying until you do but keep it short and simple (K.I.S.S.).

Remember that if you just try to copy others simply because you want to attract certain things to your life like money for example, you will not be fulfilled. The bee who decided to be a fly is not only hurting itself but hurting the world as well. The world needs all bees to be bees, and the world need you to be you, so go find your destiny!

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