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how to break from past generations habits and be a better version of yourself

Step - 11 - The Whisper of 10,000 Generations, Dunbar's 150 and evolutionary mismatch

Your neural programming doesn't have the memory to understand the complexity of the modern

We all have impulses, feelings, desires that we have no idea where they come from. Most of us don't even try to understand it while others fight an enemy they know nothing about.

Scientist and religions have estimated that humans have been on earth for thousands of years, Now, considering that, think about when you say that you look like your grandmother or have some features from your father, where do you think they got these attributes from? Who we are and how we think today started way before we were born, it started with our first ancestors.

Humans have a hard time controlling their sugar intake and while you can tell yourself that sugar is bad and you should limit it, as soon as you put a little piece of sweet in your mouth your body shouts for more! You are not addicted to sugar. What happens is that thousands of years ago, sugar was rare, unless a whole hive of honey bees was found then the only sugar available was from fruits. So, when humans encountered honey it was quickly consumed for everyone knew that it will probably never happen again or be a while before it does happen.

Our bodies and minds are pre programmed to eat all the sugar we can find, and even though majority of people know that sugar is bad for them, the instinct from thousands of generations ago overrides what they know. Same thing goes for money, we are not wired to save. Those who can save will tell you that it takes extraordinary effort to control their impulses. These impulses come from our ancestors that used to live for the moment as life then was so uncertain.

The goal of this step is to help you understand when to follow your gut feelings and instincts and when not to. As you discover the story of the human mind and body you will become aware of the things you can and cannot change. You cannot change your love for sugar so don't expect to have a house full of junk food and overcome the desire to eat it all. You also cannot change the human need to interact with other humans, you cannot be happy by being a loner.

To finalize, start testing your impulses, when you seen something you want to purchase, ask yourself if you really need it or are you just getting excited with the thought of purchasing that item? Is it the voices of 10,000 generations saying "Spend it all as tomorrow is unknown"? Be aware of your feelings and why you are feeling them, there are things you may be able to change but you you must be patient with the things you cannot.

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