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8 rules the spartans lived by & how being tough can help you succeed

8 rules the spartans lived by and how being tough can help you succeed

Step 10 - Stoic vs Epicurean Arnorld's 1,000 reps, Apache Cold Showers & The Spartan Whipping Post

Why you must develop a thick skin

Once upon a time there was a famous rapper named Drake and he came up with a concept called YOLO: You only live once!Well, not really, that concept is pretty old but the name used is Epicurean.

Will Durant wrote that a nation is born stoic and dies epicurean meaning that a lot of sacrifices are made in the beginning but then people start to live as if tomorrow didn't exist. Nations, just like businesses, are made up by stoic people as they are willing to sacrifice the present comforts for a future benefit. These people are tough and do not look for things to be easier, they know the future is important even if they are not going to be here to experience it.

Once nations and businesses are put in the hand of people who are epicurean they fall apart. Epicureans are soft people, they are living for the moment and do not welcome discomfort. Let's drink and be merry, for tomorrow is unknown is what an epicurean would say. Well, as Tai Lopez said, the world does not need anymore Paris Hilton's or Kim Kardashian's, we need people who are really bringing value to table and not just YOLOing around.

Of course you will need to be soft at times and let loose a little bit but most of the time is WAR! When you go to war you prepare your best weapons and that is what you need to do everyday: PREPARE FOR WAR. When I say war I mean doing your duty. Let's say you want to be healthier, go to war and learn about the best foods to eat and exercise, really put in work to get the best result you can get.

The US Military is the best at getting ready for war. I know this because I've been through boot camp and it's no joke. They prepare for every single situation that can happen in battle. I still remember sleeping in a fox hole for a couple of days during field training. I was so upset then but today I realized that it made me stronger. That's what the military does, it makes people stronger, both mentally and physically.

However, you don't need to go to the military to become a stronger version of you. The Sioux Indian Tribes from South Dakota, one of the coldest places in America, used to bathe theirs kids in cold water during winter time to make them strong! The Spartans were specialists in making their kids strong from the time they were little to the end of their lives.

Here are 8 Rules the Spartans lived by:

1- Must prove fitness even as a child

2-Children were placed in a military style education program

3-Fighting were encouraged amongst Spartans

4-They were expected to be life long soldiers

5-Their individual use was ritually tested

6-Food was intentionally kept scarce and poor fitness was cause for ridicule

7-Men were not allowed to live with their wives until the age of 30

8-Surrender in battle was the ultimate disgrace

You don't necessarily need to follow the Spartan rules but you need to create some discomfort in your life in order to become tougher. As you grow in life, your battles will become trickier and you must be prepared to get out of them physically and mentally well. Don't wish for it to be easy, wish for you to be tougher!

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