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Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review - Step 14

why you must accept everything is your fault

The Shaolin Monk & Touching an Electric Fence

Why everything is your fault

So far, this is my favorite step. You may have a different view but I believe one of the reasons, if not one of the most important, why a lot of people don't succeed in life is because they don't take responsibility for what happens in their own lives. To those people everything is everybody else's fault: their boss, the economy, their parents, the guy crossing the street... It is a never ending blaming game.

Tai Lopez explains that people fail because they aren't prepared. They blame the economy but never save any money, blame their boss for losing their job but never invested on themselves so they could acquire more skills. You see, it is very easy to blame everything that happens to you on others but that is also the easy way to failure. If you can't see that it's your fault, you will never take the step to prepare.

It is very often that you see a blind man leading blind people who are blaming the blind man for leading them astray. You cannot be in the blaming category, you are going to have to take responsibility for not being wise and following someone who can actually see and lead the way.

Humans tend to live life for the moment. If health is good, we continue to eat poorly and not exercising but once we get sick we quickly vouch to eat better and only then take a healthier approach on life. Why wait until the dark days? Why not prepare before? Eat healthy everyday, exercise everyday as the only for sure thing is you will be pushed through time and changes will come with that. Changes such as getting old. Your body will need to be at its best before you get there, you can't wait to be healthy when you get to your elderly years.

Preparing is a skill you are going to have to achieve it in order to obtain success. Many will call you a pessimist as you take the time thinking about the darker days and preparing for them. It's okay, don't listen to the general population, most of them are just going with what the news and media tell them and will wait to take action when things are already bad.

Sure, no one can deny the power of positive thinking, however, one cannot think positive when he is completely unprepared. I cannot recall there ever being a time in which I was positive about getting a good grade on an exam I did not study for. Whether you may be telling yourself with words that you can do it, you cannot bullshit your conscience for it knows the answers to the exam won't magically appear in your head.

Think about how nature made us to be physically attracted to each other so we can reproduce. Children is the product of nature preparing for the preservation of our genes after our death. If even mother nature, the mother of all laws humans cannot break, prepares, then you need to prepare as well. Prepare for the next recession by saving cash, prepare for old age by taking care of your body now, prepare for your next promotion and invest on yourself.

In the end, the message is preparation is the key. Luck comes in the form of opportunity when you have been preparing yourself physically, financially and mentally. Don't wait to prepare, and understand that everything that happens in your life is your fault because you were not prepared for them to happen.

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