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The Millionaire's brain and J. Lo's voice | To get what you want you must deserve what you want

This very first video hit the spot with me. Not long before watching it, I was in the car listening to pandora and a J.Lo song came up. For some reason I started thinking about her voice and how normal it is and why does she have so much success while others with amazing voices don't achieve half of what she has achieved.

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What I learned changed my whole perspective. You may think someone does not deserve the success and things they have, however, you must not look at the situation so black and white for there are many other colors involved. For instance, in J. Lo's case she not only sings but she also dances, she performs and she entertains millions of people. We're not always looking for just a great voice, but we also look to be entertained. J. Lo does such a great job that she makes it look easy to the point that we think anyone could do it. But think about it, could you put a whole tour together, go all over the world while being away from your family, each night a different city, sing and dance at the same time for about 2 hours almost every night. NO, THANKS!

J.Lo has what she has because she deserves it, she adds great value to the world hence her deserving factor is very big. This first video had many great points but the most valuable in my opinion is the J.Lo's voice principle: In order to get what you want, you must deserve what you want.

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Many people would think that deserving means being good, honest, loyal but in reality it means

doing everything in your power to achieve your final goal. When you show up early, leave late, go the extra mile for everything that you do in your career, chances are you'll be recognized and/or will be promoted. You'll be worthy of it because you put in time, gave your best and handled things with care and now you are being rewarded.

Another great take is the awareness. Tai Lopez elaborates on how important it is to be aware of your environment and surroundings. For example, many of us are on a computer every day, so what does the f5 button does? Have you ever tried to press it out of curiosity? If not, why not?

This first chapter is a great way to start the course as it helps people to change their paradigm and see that what separates great leaders from others is their curiosity, their hunger for knowledge and their perseverance to always improve.

Enjoy the sweet side of life!

Books Mentioned in this step:

Evolutionary Psychology by David Buss

Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Times by Will Durant

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