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How to effectively manage people | Step 31 of 67 steps by Tai Lopez

How to effectively manage people in a way that you are happy and so are they.

We all have had to manage someone in our lives before and if you are one of the few who hasn't gotten the opportunity of doing so yet, then it's best you learn now.

Life is filled with small and big situations that requires us to involve other people to help us accomplish our goals; whether it's planning a surprise baby shower for a friend or getting your car fixed by a mechanic, a big chunk of our lives will be spent managing people.

This thirty first step of the 67 steps by Tai Lopez may seem like it is important only for the entrepreneurs and people who are a boss and have to delegate tasks to their employees but as he goes into details on the subject, it is quite plain to see that it is important for everyone to learn how to effective manage people.

Regardless of how much money you have, there will always be someone in your life whom you will need to manage and delegate to, in the case of having too much money it may be an accountant or a financial advisor.

Take for example the actor Wesley Snipes who was sent to federal prison for tax evasion simply because he was counting on his accountants and lawyers to be fully in charge of his financials and yo pay for his taxes which they didn't. Had Snipes been involved in the process of managing his accountants and lawyers he would have known that he was behind on taxes, avoiding prison time.

A great advice for Wesley Snipes would have been to hire the best but ensure they are doing their job. Why? Because you are the only one who truly have your best interest at heart. For you to think others do too, it’s naive, unrealistic and it will be very painful for you.

So, don’t leave things up to chance or up to people to get you the results you want.

Gain a broader sense of life and knowledge on the things you do often, whether it is your body, health, wealth, relationship, etc. Remember, you are the only person who will have your best interest at heart.

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As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify”. Don’t assume people will do what they are suppose to do, make sure they do what they suppose to do. You can do that by managing them, checking in with them, making sure they have everything they need to accomplish the task at hand.

However, it's also imperative that you don’t confuse management with control. Control means you are trying to get people to do things that are only in your favor but are not in their best interest to do it. Control is always a "win lose" situation.

Management is being able to get people to do what you want and they are happy to do it, either because it brings them joy or because it will also favor them in the end. Management is a "win win" situation.

But how do you effectively manage people in a way that everyone is happy?

1 - Know what you are delegating

A big part of delegating is knowing what you are delegating . You cannot ask someone to do something that you know nothing about it.

Think about the things you do very often, like change the oil of your car, go to the doctor, home improvements and the such. You should have at least some insight, a little bit of knowledge about it so you know what and how to delegate.

Here's quick personal example: About 12 years I developed a clogged tear duct which I visited a doctor who then told me what it was and prescribed me some antibiotic tear drops but before leaving I asked what would happen if the drops didn't work and he said "you'll need a simple draining surgery". Fast forward to recently I went to a different doctor who wanted to prescribe me the same eye drops in hopes that it would get the tear duct unclogged. I quickly told him that I wanted the surgery because I had already tried the drops and they hadn't work for me. He right away said, "no worries, let's get you scheduled". Long story short, I am so thankful that I took the time to delegate to my doctor what I wanted and he safely did what I needed done 12 years ago.

Point here is, had I not asked the doctor 12 years ago what would happen if the drops didn't work and had I not did some more investigation into how the procedure works, I would have not known how to correctly manage and delegate to my doctor. So get informed, you don't have to know everything but enough to be able to communicate what you need and want done.

2 - Trust but verify

This is where the over the shoulder principle by Sam Walton comes into play. By the way, if you have not read the book, Made in America, I highly recommend it, it's on my list of 100 books you should read during a your lifetime.

Nevertheless, the over the shoulder principle works when you give a task and walk away. By walking away you are telling the person whom you delegated the task to that you trust them to get the job done.

However, don't stay away forever, come back and check on them, verify they understood your vision. This is also the chance to correct any errors before they are made, to introduce education if necessary and even to know more about the person’s capability and best methods of learning.

Lead by example, be accountable and reliable and chances are the people who you work with will strive to be the same way with you.

3 - Learn how to take the responsibility

"First time shame on them, second time shame on you". Have you ever heard of that phrase?

Well, this saying applies to this third step in this way; if you delegate correctly, trust and verify and yet no results come through, then shame on them. It is time to get somebody else to do the job.

Now, if you don’t take the steps to ensure a task gets done including finding someone else to get the task done but still expect results then shame on you. Learn how to take responsibility for actions and inactions. Even though it may be hard to admit but sometimes the real source of the problem is us failing to communicate our wants, how's and big no's as well as cutting the problem but its root.

When a situation doesn't go your way try to analyze if you failed to delegate effectively or to give support in way, ask whoever you are working with if there was anything you could have done better to help them get the task done. Be humble enough to hear the answers and make changes if needed.

Finally, it is important to remember that money is not the motivation for everyone and although you may pay people the right amount of money to do a job that doesn't mean they will do it right or how you envisioned without your supervision, so trust but verify!

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