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Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program | Step 24 | The test of a life well lived

Tai lopez 67 Steps program review

Gandhi’s funeral, Stephen Covey’s Wars & Flurries of Activity - The test of a life well lived

Have you thought about the day of your death? How about the amount of people who will show up to your funeral?

Most of us rarely think about things like that because we rarely think about the end.

Asking questions such as “What do I want people to say about me when I am dead” will get you to really think about your end goal or what many call, DESTINY!

In this 67 steps program, Tai Lopez mentions how an entire nation wept upon Mahatma Gandhi's death. He was a symbol for freedom and justice in India, he brought so much value to the world that thousands of people showed up to his funeral. Not to mention that his legend continues even after his death.

Adolf Hitler, on the other hand, failed miserably at the funeral test. People didn’t even care to prepare a ceremony, so there was NO funeral!

Thinking about these two extremes will help you think about your end goal. Once you have your answer, you can start working on an end goal for each pillar of your life (health, wealth, love and happiness)

For example, if your health is not at the level you would like for it to be and your end goal is to have great blood tests and a body of a fitness model. As you identify your end goal for each pillar in your life, you can then start taking action towards it.

Remember, that you do not have to be stubborn about the path that is going to take you there, so be sure to always ask yourself if what you are doing is getting you closer to your end goal. Be prepared to move on if your answer is no. If a certain diet, exercise or a regime is not giving you results within the time expected and planned, do not get stuck on that plan, experiment with a different one until you obtain desired results.

Moreover, understand that we are rewarded for our flurries of activities. With that being said, instead of life being like an hourly job that pays you by the hour, it pays you based on how much YOU can do within that hour!

So, be wise with your activities and be able to challenge yourself and your brain. Instead of giving yourself a comfortable deadline to achieve a goal, shorten it up and let your brain think about ways to get it done. You will see how creative you will get once you start pushing yourself.

Also, be aware of the fights that goes on within your mind and body. Just as humans, animals and nature give signals of when something is wrong, our minds can also do the same.

Depression, for example, is a sign that you are unhappy about something.I know, you probably already know that but depression serves a higher purpose than to just make people miserable. It happens because as much as one can try to lie to themselves that they are happy and everything is “fine”, the mind knows better and depression is telling you

“cut the crap and let's fix it!”.

The brain is a powerful machine and it can pick up on lies very quickly and it will find its way to let you know. So, it is wise to work in conjunction with your brain in order to pick up on signs before they turn into a chronic illness.

Finding your end goal is pretty much about being 100% honest with yourself, as well as working together with your mind and body to understand the signs and feelings you are receiving.

Open up your mind and your higher purpose will arrive.

Finally, understand that your biggest war will always be against self, as you battle your own paradigms and thoughts you will realize when there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

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