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Tai Lopez 67 Steps program - Step 22 - The Seven Fold Path to the Obvious Sign

The Seven Fold Path to the Obvious Sign by Tai Lopez

Humans have the tendency to always see the obvious signs about others before they can see their own. Maybe it's because we are inside the box hence making it harder for us to really analyze our situation.

In this 67 steps program, Tai Lopez teaches how to observe, test and arrive at a conclusion in all pillars of your life (health, wealth, love and happiness). He also refers to the 7 steps scientific methodology to help arrive at a final answer.

Remember back in High School when you had to come up with a theory, create a hypothesis, test it and then arrive at a conclusion?

I truly hope you said yes because you are going to be doing the same thing except you are going to be applying it to your life instead of a scientific experiment.

7 quick steps to help you figure out all your life questions with the 67 steps program

Here are the 7 quick steps to help you figure out all your life questions:

1- Ask yourself a question aka create a Theory

Ex: I am fat because I have been eating too many hamburgers

2- Research the answer to that question (no need to elaborate on this, right?)

3 - Make a sample answer aka Hypothesis

Ex: In your research you found out some statistics about hamburgers supporting the fact that they are not a good source of nutrients for your body.

4 - Test it

Ex: Considering the facts you have in hand, you decide to stop eating hamburgers for a period of 3 months (Tai recommends experimenting with something for at least 3 months)

5 - Observe while you are doing the test

Ex: Check your weight, BMI, and keep a log on how you feel and energy levels

6 - Step back and Analyze

Ex: Compare the data you have. Did you lose weight? Did you feel better and have more energy?

7 - Ask experts to review and give their opinions

Ex: In this case, you may ask a doctor to review your results. He/She will be able to give you better insight on your health and go beyond just weight and energy levels.

You can use this for every area in your life and the thing is, if your final result is not what you wanted, you can always start from step 2 as you already have the question in hand. The more you do it, the closer you get to your desired goal.

Now, you must observe with the eyes of a scientist, someone who is non delusional and have no cognitive biases on the subject. You have to shift from the black and white mentality and move to accurate and non accurate, efficient and non efficient.

Move away from everything that is inefficient and understand that not every successful action will apply to every situation, so be adaptable and changeable. Experiment and don't stick with things that do not work merely for comfortability.

I suggest that you apply theses steps to every area of your life that you would like to see a change, whether it is your body, mental or financial state. And remember, not every problem in your life is a nail so stop hammering at screws and start acquiring more tools.

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7 steps to figure out all your life questions by tai lopez