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Tai Lopez 67 Steps - Step 25 - The natural cycles that dictate your life

the 67 steps program by Tai Lopez

Joel Salatin on nature laughing last, the respect of seasons and the terrible twos - The natural cycles that dictate your life

This 67 steps resonated with me quite a lot for the fact that I can be pretty impatient at times and Tai Lopez discusses the importance of respecting nature, it’s season and timing.

Sigmund Freund suggests that most of our pain comes from 3 sources:

1- Decay and dissolution of the body

2 - Forces of nature such as viruses, rain, tsunamis, etc

3 - Social Negative effect that other people can have on each other.

Moreover, Will Durant elaborates that progress is being able to succeed despite of the pain suffered.

However, you must also understand nature’s timing. What you may see as suffering is nature’s way of preparing for the next season. Let’s look at your life as if it was nature, which can only be understood once you observe and comprehend how the seasons work.

For example, let’s just say you are on the path to a healthier life and body, here is how you would divide it into seasons:

Spring (AKA Planting & Beginning) - Testing and experimenting with exercises and diets. Observing how your body responds to certain foods and what works best and what doesn't work at all.

Summer - (aka HUSTLE TIME) Now that you have figured out what works for you, is time to put in work. Eat what is best for your body and do the exercises that give you the best results.

Fall - (REAP TIME) This is the time to harvest. If you are working out properly and eating the right foods, you will see your gains in this season.

Winter (Aka The Dark Days) - This is the time of the year that most people’s energies are low and they are less active. So, in this season you will try to just maintain your gains. Eat smaller amounts of food, conserve your energy, increase your knowledge so you can have everything ready for spring again.

As you can see winter is also be considered a dark time because it is a time that is really easy to lose faith. However, as sure as nature will move you into winter, it will also move you out of it and into spring. It is the natural cycle of life!

Keep in mind that if you are strong enough to survive winter, you will get to start again in spring and eventually get to harvest on the fall. Do not try to skip stages and seasons in your life.

Can you see how each season is indispensable in nature? That's the the same in your life. You need all seasons in life and in business.

Some people expect a business to bring a profit and pay all the bills on its own on the first year of its life. But those same people call that same businesses their babies. No one would expect a baby to take care of itself and pay all the bills on the first year of life so how can anyone expect a business to do it?

The first year of a baby’s life requires a lot of attention, there are a lot of sleepless nights, stress and you name it. And just as you thought it would get better, well, the terrible two’s are right around the corner. Now that the baby can talk and walk, it is a hand full. Baby knows what it wants and now it has also picked up habits from watching others that sometimes aren’t always good. It can be even more stressful!

Nevertheless, after all of the work you put in, the baby will continue to grow and eventually be able to take care of herself/himself. As your baby grew, you also got older and now you will need the baby to take care of you. That same concept can be used for businesses.

Nurture your business without expecting a profit, work on it so it can grow to be assertive and successful and when you finally need it to take care of you and your family, it will have the ability to do so.

As you can see, if you analyze how nature works you will be able to appreciate every season in life, hence, be a little bit more patient for you now know it is needed to take you to the next season.

Finally, understand that if you try to rush mother nature there will be harsh consequences. Mother nature should always be the teacher of last resort, for it is the meanest of all.

Books Mentioned in this step:

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