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A new perspective on social skills | Step 21 of the 67 steps review

Mastering the 4 P.A.S.E. energies & Casanova's Chameleon

tai lopez 67 steps

The biggest lie people tell themselves is "I don't need anyone". If you have seen the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks you can easily draw the conclusion that humans need one another, we need interaction, touching, feelings. So, it is safe to say that one of the best skills for one to acquire is social skills, right?

Whether you want to admit it or not, humans love humans. We might say that we love animals more than we love people but science has proven that the human mind can only achieve happiness when surrounded by other humans. Not only it is essential to our survival but also for our growth as an individuals.

Mastering the skills to understand people is not an easy task and even though as children we have had a great power of persuasion, we have grown to become very mediocre at it.

Or maybe is just because we aren't little and cute anymore. So, considering your baby features are out of the window, how can you persuade others to adapt to your idea? In this 67 steps, Tai gives a formula that will help you identi different types of people and how to approach each one of them.

The formula consists of 4 different types of energy:

P - Practical - The planners, very good with numbers, not easily adaptable and dislike changes.

A - Action - Love to make things happen, the visionaries and always quick to be on the go. Don't always stick to things and can be impatient.

S - Social - Love to be around other people, easy going with lots of friends, however, they don't always stand up for themselves like they should.

E - Emotional - They are like a deep ocean, very intuitive, can easily read people but are also very sensitive and get offended very easily.

All of us have have some characteristics of each energy but the goal is to find out which one is the most dominant.

I, for example, am an ASPE (Action, Social, Practical and Emotional).

Once you find people's dominant energy you can then approach them the right way. You don't want to approach a Practical person the same way you would approach an Action person.

If you are trying to sell something, here is how you would handle each energy:

P - Don't be pushy, they need time to think and plan

A - Try to close the deal right away, get them excited about the opportunity

S - Go with the flow, be spontaneous

E - Connect with them, Be vulnerable and sensitive and they will open up.

Now that you have that formula in hands, it is time to put it to practice so you can become an expert at reading people. Here are the steps:

1 - Assess and listen to people

2 - Use the formula on yourself

3- Use it on people close to you

4- Use it on friends and acquaintances

5 - Use it on strangers

6- Persuade them

Now, don't use this for evil acts and remember, that the person you must get to know first is yourself. You must conquer yourself first before you can conquer others.

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