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How To throw A Sunset Beach Picnic

Plan a beautiful picnic on the beach during sunset time for gorgeous golden hour views.

Living near the beach is a privilege that not many people have and yet the folks that live near the beach often don't enjoy it as much as tourists do.

So why not have a beach picnic especially during the summer ties when the sunset as late as 8pm, at least that is the case here in Southwest Florida.

I bought most of the items on Amazon with the exception for the table as I couldn't find exactly what I wanted on Amazon or Walmart and I was not willing to spend $500 on each table on ETSY. No Way, Rosé! But thankfully, the hubs got skills and he made three tables for me. Asi me gusta, chico.

As for the food we went with a local catering company, Lovely Grazing boards and one of the girls picked up macaroons from costco.

Here are other things to keep in mind as you plan your picnic:




Time of the event






Goodie Bags

Beach Restrictions

How To throw A Sunset Beach Picnic

For this girls sunset beach picnic, I decided to go with a pink and gold theme with white details.

The theme I went for was Pink Boho Chic and I set up the time of the event according to sunset. It is incredible the information you can get with Google. Simply type the day, year and location right along with sunset time and you will have that information right away.

I also made sure to look into all the beach restrictions of the location I chose to ensure I didn't violate any policies and had to be forced to shut down the picnic. For example, the location chosen didn't allow glasses so I made sure to buy all BPA free plastic containers to hold beverages and all dinnerware was made of acrylic.

Here's the final result of our work, we think we did pretty good for our first beach picnic. What do you think?

We have linked everything we got on Amazon in case you want to get it for your beach picnic too. If you are interested in having a table built for you, please send me an email for further discussion.

Now as for the food, we went with a local grazing board company that also offers hot meals. Lovely Graze boards prepared a delicious charcuterie board with meats, cheese, fruits and sweets.

They also prepared our delicious homemade lasagna paired with two mouthwatering garlic rolls and a side salad with vinaigrette dressing.

100% Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Stirrers Cocktail Straws

Throw Pillow Covers set of 4

Premium Fiber to stuff pillows

BPA free gold dinnerware

Dusty Rose Table runners

Faux flower decoration

Cupcake stands

50 Oz. Clear Plastic Pitcher - [6 Pack]

Gold Dinnerware set

King Size Throw Blanket

Charging Station



Goodie Bags

Here's everything I included in the goodie bags.

Scented Candles for goodie bags

Goodie Bags pack of 25

Let's get flocked up cups

One Bath and body works in each bag.