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Cheap DIY Baby Shower Prizes

Being pregnant can be hard, painful and exhausting but totally worth it once you see the face of your little one. Also, planning for the baby shower can be super fun so I decided to start early in order to avoid any mishapen or stress. I am only 18 weeks but better early than later, so I see it.

I started with the baby shower game prizes. The total I spent on it is $27.95 which technically was free because I had a gift card from ross. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the items still in the box so I will just tell you what I purchased.

From Ross:

* 2 boxes of 5 natural lip balm (total of 10)

* 1 box of Ellen Tracy nail polish (total of 10)

* 2 boxes of 6 hand lotions (total of 12)

I know a lot of people like to go to Dollar Tree to get their game prizes but I believe that Ross has better products and not only that, I spent less than I would if I had went to Dollar Tree since I purchased a 32 items for $27.97

Now, how do you put all of this together? Well, here is a list of the things I used:

* 10 Mason Jars ( Already had them)

* Tissue Paper (Already had it but you can buy a bunch from dollar tree for $1)

* Yarn ( Already had it)

* Thank you tags ( Made them myself )

So, here is a picture of the final result and if you have any questions please leave a comment!

Baby Shower Prizes

Baby Shower Prizes

Baby Shower Prizes

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