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How to get a free baby registry welcome goodie bag from Amazon

Find out how you can get a bag filled with goodies for your and your baby from Amazon when you sign up for their baby registry.

Being pregnant is magical moment but it can get expensive quick, I know it well, I have four kids.

So getting coupons and freebies are a great way to keep costs at bay and save every single penny you can.

And who doesn't love to stretch the benefits of their prime membership? I know I do!

One benefit not many prime members are aware of is the baby registry welcome bag that you receive once you sign up for the Amazon baby registry and follow through with the prompts.

The steps are rather simple but it can get a bit confusing if this is your first time signing up for it with the goal of getting your welcome box.

How to get a free Amazon baby registry welcome goodie bag

I will go step by step in this article but if you are a visual learner you can also watch the video to find out how you can get your Amazon baby bag for free and have the $35 fee waived.

1 - Be a prime member

This is a perk only available to prime members. However, if you are not a prime member yet but would like to give it a try for 30 days for free, sign up using this link and you will have access to all the benefits prime member have for 30 days at no cost.

That benefit includes participation in the Amazon registry program and eligible to be a recipient of the welcome bag.

2 - Sign up for a baby registry

Sign up for a baby registry here and just answer the questions that pertains to your case.

One quick tip when signing up is to set up your due date three to four months prior to your actual due date so you can get that completion discount early and shop for everything your baby needs.

3 - Add items to your registry

This is where it gets a bit tricky. Many believe that you have to add each and every single item to your registry but you do not!

Only add the items that you have the intention of purchasing or asking others to purchase so you can make a qualifying purchase from your registry (explained further).

The only step you have to take is check off the items on the list as shown in the picture below, and that is it.

Once you have it 60 % checked off then you can move on to the next step.

4 - Make a purchase from your registry

This is another step where folks get confused too. The purchase does not have to come from you, if someone buys something from your registry on Amazon, that qualifies as a purchase as well.

Now, the item must be $10 or more in order to be qualified as a purchase.

Once the item ships you will then be able to claim your amazon baby registry welcome bag.

5 - Claim your bag

Once you have completed the steps, go to the benefits page of your Amazon baby registry and click on claim it now.

Once you claimed your bad, it gets added to your cart. The price will say $35 but when you check out you should a $35 credit that will go towards the registry welcome bag.

6 - Wait for arrival

Unlike many Amazon orders that arrive within two days, the welcome bag takes a bit longer so be patience and wait about 10 to 15 days before calling Amazon to find out what is going on with your baby registry bag.

What to expect with your Amazon baby registry welcome bag

Every edition of the bag is different so what your friend got may be completely different than what you get.

I have been getting these goodie bags since the beginning of the promotion when it was actually a box and I have gotta many different items. The most surprising item we got was a full size diaper pack, not a sample, a FULL SIZE.

I was astonished!

Want to see what we got with our last bag? Check out this video and you have a better idea on what to expect with your bag.

And if you want ever more deals on essentials and baby items, join the facebook group Babies and Toddles Promo codes for daily deals on Amazon.