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Beach vacation must haves

Everything that you need to have the best beach vacation without any worries.

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Planning a beach vacation can be both fun and a bit never wrecking as you try to make sure that you have everything you can possibly need for your trip.

Living in Southwest Florida near the beach means that we live in a tourist area where is summer pretty much all year long and we are constantly testing out different beach products and new gadgets.

We have put together a list of everything you must have for your beach vacation and we are even including a downloadable checklist for your convenience.

Get the checklists here

Beach Vacation Must Haves

This list is to help remind you of items that you may need during your beach vacation but certain items may not fit your needs such as baby items, sporting good, etc.

As a family of six many of these items have become a necessity and we can't believe we didn't find out about it sooner such as number 15. What a life saver for parents!

If you don't have children feel free to download the list that doesn't include any baby or children must haves.

You can also check out my amazon storefront for more inspiration and this beach vacation must have list with over 100 beach items on Amazon.

amazon finds beach must have

1 - Umbrella/Tent

We have a couple of different beach tents and this beach cabana has to be our favorite one. It sustains Florida's strong winds and we have never had a problem with it flying away.

Watch the full review video of the cabana here for a closer look.

beach umbrella tent

We also have this beach canopy and it's great for the bigger kids to sit down to eat or chill under the shade. It's practical and easy to set up, watch the review for it here.

beach tent

2 - Chairs

There are hundreds of beach chairs available on amazon for all prices but in my opinion the best one for the value is this Coleman foldable camping chair. We got two of them and they are very lightweight, compact and so easy to take carry that one of the kids can take it.

beach chair

3 - Wagon

A beach wagon is one of those things that you don't think you need one and then you get one and realize how much easier your life could have been.

We have went through our shares of wagons and our favorite one has to be the multi utility wagon that can hold up to 300 lbs and you can either push, pull it or have one person pulling it and the other pushing it if needed.

See exactly how it works in this video.

beach wagon

4 - Cooler

We actually use a big Uber cooler bag for the beach and we switched from a big plastic cooler to the backpack about a year ago when I was gifted the backpack.

I like backpacks better because they are much easier to carry and they also have different compartments making it much easier to organize.

insulated cooler bag

5 - Garbage Bags

When you visit a beach be sure to leave nothing behind besides your footprints. Take a garbage bag with you and fill up with your trash and take it back with you.

trash bags

6 - Mesh Bags

Keep all your wet and sandy items in a mesh bag so they don't build up mold but also don't get other items wet.

variety of mesh  bags

7 - Beach Bag

The size and type of beach bag you choose will really depend on your needs so choose accordingly.

I always opt for the biggest one due to the size of my party but I also look at convenience and durability.

pink beach bag

8 - Sunblock

Sunblock is no a brainer, and definitely a must need for a beach vacation but believe it or not, I see so many people coming down to our area and finding themselves at the local CVS shopping for a sunblock because they left theirs at home.

And this is a special reminder to those who wear a specific sunblock that can't be found at the local drugstores.

sun block

9 - Hat

Give your face that extra protection with a baseball cap or a sombrero hat that will give you more coverage.

Amazon has beautiful beach hats for great prices you can even get different ones in different colors to match different outfits (holy moly, that was a lot of different).

beach hat

10 - Bathing Suit

One piece, two pieces, tankinis, swimming dress, and the list goes on and on for all the different types of bathing suits you can get but most importantly, do not forget to pack them.

Still indecisive about what bathing suit to get? Take a look at my beach must have list for an array of bathing suits to choose from, there's something for everyone in the family.

beach one piece bathing suit

11 - Beach Cover

Beach covers are great for those beach vacations that you only change from your bathing suit when is time to hit the sack.

A cute beach cover can also be transitioned from day to a night outfit so you can go out to dinner and still be dressed properly.

orange beach cover up

12 - Shoes

Grab a pair of beach shoes that is comfy and cute that you can also transition from day into night.

beach sandals

13 - Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Love a good music when you go to the beach? Then don't forget to add to your luggage a waterproof and dustproof bluetooth speaker.

There's so many of them on the market right now and we opted to get this Anker Soundcore Speaker because of not only it is waterproof but is also floats in the water so if you want to take a dip and not give up on your favorite tunes, you can do that!

portable waterproof speaker

14 - Charging Station

Don't like to run out of battery? Me neither!

If you are a content creator like myself you know that running out of batteries is only a matter of recording a few videos and taking the normal 300 pictures within an hour or so.

So, we decided to invest in a portable power station so we never have to worry about that. We picked the ECOFLOW power station because it has multiple ports including two A/C ports.

Watch this reel I shared on instagram to see exactly how it works.

portable charging station

15 - Mini Fan

Stay cool while at the beach with the help of a portable mini fan.

portable mini fan

16 - Beach Towels

Beach towels are a must-have for any beach day as they provide a soft, comfortable place to sit and dry off after taking a dip in the ocean. Even if you are staying at a resort that provides towels, they may not be compatible with your desires so bringing your own might be a great idea.

striped color Beach towels

17- Beach Blanket

A beach blanket is perfect for lounging on the sand, having a picnic or playing games with friends and family.

beach blanket in the color blue

18 - Waterproof phone pouch

A waterproof phone pouch will protect your phone from water damage, allowing you to take photos and videos without worrying about your phone getting wet.

Waterproof phone pouch

19 - Beach Towel Clip

Keep your beach towel in place with a beach towel clip, preventing it from flying away in the wind or sliding down your beach chair.

beach towel clips

20 - Refillable water bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial at the beach, and a refillable water bottle is not only eco-friendly but also keeps your drink cold for hours.

refillable water bottle

21 - Books

Books are perfect for beach days when you want to relax and escape into a good story.

22 - Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the sun and look stylish with a pair of sunglasses. Make sure the sunglasses you choose protect your eye from UV rays.

uv protection beach sunglasses

23 - Waterproof/Dustproof headphones

Lounge by the pool or on the beach and list to your favorite audiobook or tunes without having to worry about sand or water with a waterproof/dustproof headphones.

waterproof headphones

24 - Shell bags

A shell bag is a perfect way to collect seashells, beach glass or any other treasures you find along the shore.

shell bags beach must have

25 - Beach Brush

A beach brush is essential for removing sand from your feet, leaving them clean and sand-free.

beach brush

26 - Beach Cup Holder

A beach cup holder is perfect for holding your drink and keeping it sand-free while you relax on the beach.

beach cup holder

27 - Beach Pillow

A beach pillow is perfect for providing a comfortable headrest while you relax on the sand or in a beach chair.

beach pillow

Kids and Baby Items

28 - Baby Pool

A baby pool is a perfect way to keep your little ones cool and entertained while at the beach.

29 - Portable Baby Playpen

A portable baby playpen provides a safe and secure place for your baby to play while you relax on the beach.

30 - Kids/Baby Hat

Keep your little one's head protected from the sun with a cute and functional kids/baby hat.

31 - Kid/Baby Bathing suit

A kid/baby bathing suit is perfect for keeping your little ones comfortable and protected while playing in the water.

32 - Kid/Baby Cover up

A kid/baby cover-up provides extra sun protection and a comfortable way for your little ones to transition from the water to dry land.

33 - Bench Car seat cover

Protect your car seats from sand and water with a bench car seat cover, perfect for after a day at the beach.

34 - Beach Toys

Keep the kids entertained for hours with beach toys like buckets, shovels, and sandcastle molds.

35 - Beach Stroller

A beach stroller is perfect for transporting kids, towels, and beach toys across the sand.

36 - Kids sunglasses

Protect your child's eyes from the sun with a pair of cute and functional kids sunglasses.

37 - Portable Shade Pool

A portable shade pool provides a cool and comfortable place for kids to play in the water while staying protected from the sun.

38 - Floaties

Keep kids safe and comfortable in the water with floaties, perfect for young swimmers.

39 - Life Jackets

Life jackets provide added safety and peace of mind for both kids and adults while enjoying the water.

40- Roll on Sunscreen

Roll on sunscreens are a great way and also easier way to apply sunscreen on babies and kids offering the same protection as the lotion and spray options.

41 - Water Shoes

Water shoes are great especially if the beach your are going to have a lot of shells or maybe you have a child who is sensitive to certain textures such as sand.

amazon finds beach must have for kids

Sporting Goods

42 - Toss and Catch

Toss and catch games are perfect for playing with friends and family on the beach. Grab a football ball or any other ball for that matter and let the toss and catch begin.

43 - Spikeball

Spikeball is a fun and active beach game that can be played by people of all ages.

44 - Bodyboard

A bodyboard is perfect for riding the waves and having fun in the water.

45 - Paddleboard

A paddleboard is perfect for exploring the ocean and getting some exercise while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

46 - Kayak

A kayak is a perfect way to explore the ocean and get some exercise while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

47 - Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a must-do activity for anyone who loves marine life. It's a great way to explore the ocean and see all kinds of sea creatures up close.

48 - Fresco Ball

Fresco ball is a fun and challenging game that's perfect for the beach. It's a combination of volleyball and soccer and can be played with friends and family.

49 - Fishing Poles

Whether you want to go deep waters or want to sit back and relax and let the fishing pole do all the work, fishing can be a great and exciting activity to do while at the beach. Not to mention, you may even end up with a lunch to take home.

50 - Refillable water balloons

Water balloons can be fun but the latex is terrible for marine life and the ocean but refillable water balloons totally solver that problem and are a super fun way to pass time at the beach for both adults and kids.

beach must haves for sports lovers


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