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Outdoor, Home & Fashion Finds | My latest purchases on Amazon

Latest finds on Amazon in fashion, home and for outdoors.

The new home office is basically done and we are starting a new small project in the backyard.

I've been wanting an outdoor heater unit and fire pit for the longest but other projects would always take the front seat and we would only remember that we wanted one when we were outside wishing we had one 🤣

Also found a couple of Amazon essentials pink shirts on sale that I just couldn't pass up.

Got the pink turtleneck for $8.10 and the long sleeve for 13.60 !! I find quite a lot of deals like these and share them on my Instagram Stories as well as on our facebook group.

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| Outdoor fire pit | Outdoor patio heater | Patio heater cover |

| Magical flames | White chair with stool | White file cabinet | Shower steamers |

| Electric lunch box | Marshmallow Roasting sticks | Long sleeve shirt | turtleneck pink shirt|