How to get over $2,000 worth of free items for your baby

Free baby items for expectant mothers

Being pregnant is an exciting event in every parent's life but it can quickly become very expensive too, I would know, I have three kids and currently pregnant with my fourth. So, getting as many things as you can for free is definitely a plus.

In this article I will be sharing with you how I was able to get over $2,000 worth of free products for totally free for my new baby. From furniture to bottles and even decoration this is an extensive list that if you take advantage of you too will be able to save thousands of dollars.

Here's a list of all the stores and places where you can score free things for you and your baby and how to get them.

1 - Enfamil

You can join Enfamil Family Beginnings to score the following freebies:

1 - Belly badges which are belly stickers that you can place on your baby's belly when your baby has completed certain milestones such as turning 2 months old or smiling for the first time. This is a great way to keep track of your baby milestones and even share it with family members and friends.

2 - Chance to win free formula for a year

3 - You may be eligible for formula samples

4 - Receive discount checks that are coupons that can be redeemed against formula and other enfamil products.

5 - Expert tips on development and nutrition delivered to your email inbox

6 - Access to the Enfamil mobile app

7 - Enfamil shop rewards - rewards can be redeemed to purchase formula directly from their website.

8 - Receive special offers from partners such as birth announcement discounts delivered to your email

Free formula discounts for baby

2 - Similac

Head over to Similac to join their StrongMoms Rewards and receive a free 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly as well as a free starter kit that includes free formula samples and coupons for formula.

I am currently 6 months pregnant and have yet to receive the starter kit but I called Similac at 1-800-515-7677 and a very nice gentleman informed me that starter kits go out when due date is closer and that I should be expecting to receive it during my last month of pregnancy.

He was also kind enough to send me some coupons in the mail and one sample formula before my starter kit arrives. So be sure to call Similac and request some coupons and one sample but keep in mind that this is a one time deal only so if you are unsure which formula your baby will be using then it may be best to wait until baby is born to then place the order.

Free similac formula for expectant mothers

3 - Gerber

Join MyGerber to receive coupons on baby food and formula. You may also be eligible for free samples

4 - Kiinde

Get a free Kiinde® Breastfeeding starter pack that comes with the following items:

1 – Twist Pouch, a direct-pump, recyclable breastmilk storage bag

2 – Standard Direct-Pump™ Adapters (adapter is compatible with pumps from Medela®, Hygeia®, Ameda®, ARDO®, Spectra®, Avent® and Evenflow® and other pumps with a standard thread)

2 – Spectra/Avent Direct-Pump™ Adapters

1 – Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle

1 – Twist Active Latch Slow-Flow Nipple with Case

1 – Coupon valid for a Free 40 count pack of Twist Pouches at

1 – Coupon valid for 50% off the Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set ($99.99 MSRP, a $50 value)

Just go to Kiinde, add the starter pack to your cart and pay the $5.99 shipping to receive yours.

If you enjoy their products, here's $5 off your next purchase, just be sure to use code

" ref9462896 " when you check out and it will be applied to your purchase.

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5 - Target

In order to receive your complimentary baby bag from Target (valued at $150) you must register for their baby registry. That can be done in person at one of their stores or online.

If you set up your registry online, be sure to print your registry code or have your code ready to be presented at the store so a store associate can scan it in order to give you the gift.

I would also suggest that before taking a trip to your local target that you call ahead and ensure they have a baby registry bag available. The closest Target near my house would never have them so I end up having to go to a different target to get my freebie but it was totally worth it as it came with great coupons and samples.

6 - Walmart

Walmart is another store that gifts you a sample box just for registering for their baby registry. You do have to sign up for it online and the box, which is valued at $40, gets shipped directly to your home and there is no shipping fee associated with it so the box is totally free.

7 - Amazon

Amazon also offers a freebie for registering to their baby registry, valued at $35. However, unliked Target and Walmart there are few steps you must take before qualifying for the free welcome baby box.

First and foremost, you must be an Amazon prime in order to sign up for their baby registry. However, if you are not an Amazon prime member but still want to take advantage of their baby registry, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial, get your welcome baby bag and cancel before the trial expires.

Now, if you are a prime member all you have to do is sign up for their baby registry, then check off 70% of the items on the baby registry list, and lastly purchase an item of $10 or more from your registry. Once your item has been shipped, you can then return to Amazon to claim your baby welcome box.

For a step by step guide on how to claim your baby welcome box from Amazon watch this video.

8 - Noobie box

Noobie box is a paid baby and parent subscription box but you can get a complimentary pregnancy box that comes with great samples for free. To see all the items that came with my Noobie box, read this article.

There is, however, a shipping cost of $9.95 but Noobie box rewards that amount back to you in form of a credit store that can be spent on another box.

9 - Insurance

Many insurance companies provide free breast pumps to their members so be sure to contact your insurance and find out if you are eligible.

On top of that, you may also be eligible to receive over the counter products monthly at no extra cost. I have been able to order wipes, diapers, vitamins and many other products that I can use for my baby and myself with my over the counter allowance that is provided by my insurance.

Every insurance is different. so really the best thing to do is to give your insurance a call and ask them what kind of rewards and services they provide for expectant mothers. For example, my insurance offer a $20 gift card for the first prenatal visit, a stroller or playpen for the second prenatal visit and another $20 gift card for a postpartum visit. That's over $150 just in rewards!

10 - WIC

Check with your local health department to see if you qualify to receive WIC (Women, Infants & Children) which is a program that expecting moms and children up to 5 years old can participate in order to receive food and even formula.

The amount of food you get from WIC varies depending on how many kids you have enrolled on the program and once your baby is born you can opt to receive formula or more food if you are breastfeeding.

Formula is pretty expensive, so if you decide to not breastfeed WIC can save you hundreds of dollars each month. You also have the option to breastfeed and supplement with formula and WIC will also provide you with food and formula.

Overall, it's a great program to be part of if you qualify.

11 - Healthy Start Coalition

If you are in Florida, another great program is Healthy Start. This state wide program helps pregnant women and mothers of newborn with free classes in baby care, breastfeeding, and childbirth education as well as help to stop smoking, in home postpartum support, counseling for depression and even help with baby essentials when needed.

They also have events such as baby showers that expectant mothers can participate and win free items for her baby. I just recently attended one and got so many free gifts such as a Halo Swaddle sleep sack, Safety essential kit by Safety 1st , a Johnson's first touch baby gift set, and so much more.

I also entered a raffle during the baby shower and end up being the winner for an activity gym and play mat.

Check the Healthy Start Coalition website to find your local office.

free baby items for pregnant women

12 - Pregnancy Resource Centers

Many pregnancy resource centers are non profit organizations that help pregnant women with many services from providing a free pregnancy test to a free ultrasound and sometimes even free baby essentials.

In my town, a great pregnancy resource center is Verity. I have used them for my last three pregnancies and they have a great team that help with an array of services. They also have great connection with local churches who provide clothes, diapers and other baby essentials to pregnant women in need.

Be sure to google pregnancy resource centers as well as "learn as you earn" in your town to find out what kind of help you can get from these non profit organizations.

13 - La Leche League

Lactation consultants can be expensive and not everyone can afford them, fortunately there is La Leche League, which is a National and International non profit organization that supports and helps mothers through the breastfeeding process. They provide monthly meetings where mothers share their experience with breastfeeding, nutrition and many other topics.

If you are having an issue with breastfeeding you can also contact a local leader directly for help with latching issues, engorgement and even weaning your baby. This is a great and totally free service and support group.

Find your local La Leche League support group here.

14 - Baby List

Baby list is an online based baby registry where you can combine your registries from all over the web into one place. That means you can still have your target, amazon, walmart, buybuy baby or any other registry and access it all from one place.

Baby list also has a great baby box freebie but just like Amazon there are few steps you must take before you can qualify for it.

First you must sign up for a registry, then you must purchase an item in the amount of $10 or more directly from Baby List, and once the item has shipped you are finally eligible to redeem your box.

There is a shipping fee of $5.99 but I would say it is totally worth it as it comes packed with coupons, promo codes and great sample items.

15 - Buy Buy Baby

Buy buy baby also offers some freebies for signing up for their baby registry. You can sign up for a registry online and pick up your goodies at a physical store.

I did sign up for a registry with them but because the closest store is about an hour and half away I just haven't been able to pick up the welcome bag. However, there is also another option for purchasing a baby registry box for $10 and it can be shipped to you. Unfortunately, it was all sold out when I tried to purchase it.

All you have to do to be eligible to purchase the baby box for $10 (it's usually $40) you must add at least 15 items to your registry