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Compost and where to get it for free in Lee County, Florida

where to get free compost in Lee County, Florida

Our family started gardening about two years ago and we literally knew nothing about the process. We literally learned from our mistakes and watching other gardeners videos on YouTube.

We discovered that many successful gardeners used compost/mulch to help with their garden's growth.

Here are the benefits of using compost/mulch in the garden:

  • It kills weed seeds and pathogens

  • Conduct heat that kills bad bacteria

  • Keep consistent moisture

  • Protects topsoil from running off

  • Creates the perfect environment for worms, a key component of healthy soil

We also learned that the quality of compost matters quite a lot which is why many gardeners invest in their own pile of compost but then we also realized that even if we were to start our own pile, it would take at least a couple of months before it was all decomposed.

However, what we didn't know was that our county provides mulch at no cost to its residents. Make sure to check out your own county's website or give them a call to find out if they also offer free mulch/compost services or if they can recommend a company who does.

Lee County, Florida offers five different locations where mulch is available for pick up:

Free compost in Lee County, Florida
Free compost on Lee County, Florida

Remember to bring your own shovels, containers and tools to transport the mulch as sites are unattended. If level of mulch is depleted when you visit one of the sites, be sure to give the Solid Waste Department a call at 239-533-8000 to let them know.

As a Lee County resident, you are entitled to one cubic yard per person per day but if you need a larger quantity of mulch than what is available at one of the locations, bulk quantities can be purchased at the Resource Recovery Facility in Buckingham.

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