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Free Baby Stuff - Noobie Box Review

Are you pregnant and looking for free baby stuff you can get for you new bundle of joy?

I just recently received a complimentary Pregnancy Noobie box and was so excited that I just couldn't wait to share all the goodies that it came with it.

But before I dig into all the items that came with the Pregnancy Noobie box, let me let you in to all the details on how you can get also get your Noobie box for free.

While the box is completely free to expectant parents, there is a shipping fee of $9.95. However, the great thing about Noobie box is that you receive that $9.95 that you paid for shipping back in credits to use on your next box.

Next box? You may ask but yup, The Noobie box also offers other great baby and parent boxes that makes a great gift to you, your baby and even for other parents, costing from $38.95 to $129.95 per box.

Now, the sample pregnancy box can only be redeemed once per mom per year, so if you happen to have a baby back to back, you can always redeem one each year. Each box edition is different and the company does a great job at detailing each sample featured in each edition on their website so you can choose to get that one or wait until the next edition is available.

What's inside the Pregnancy Noobie Box

I got my free Pregnancy Noobie Box in March of 2020 so keep in mind that your box may be completely different but here's what I got:

(1) Noobie guide filled with coupons and essential information about pregnancy and more

(1) Aquaphor baby diaper rash cream

(1) Boiron Camilia Teething Relief

(1) Cuties set of 5 diapers

(1) Lansinoh breastfeeding set sample (nursing pads, milk storage bags)

(1) Lansinoh Organic nipple cream

(1) Palmer's stretch marks massage lotion sachet

(1) Prevail (set of 2 liners)

(1) Morning Pep Prenatal Vitamin sample ( 5 capsules)

(1) Upspring Milkflow lactation drink sachet

(1) Vahdam tea sachet

(2) WaterWipes baby wipes travel size.

Is it worth getting the Pregnanc

y Noobie Box?

In my personal opinion, totally yes. First because you get the $9.95 shipping that you paid for back as a credit for another box and secondly because it is packed with great goodies.

Many of the samples such as the wipes, nipple cream and rash cream, although small, are perfect to include in your baby's diaper bag so you don't have to carry the regular size ones and make your bag heavier than it has to be, after, all you almost have to fit your entire house in it ( totally joking ).

Not to mention the guide that comes with the box is filled with great information such as newborn must-haves, a registry check list and even a cute birth facts page that you can fill out and frame it up as well as great coupons.

I hope this review helped you and congratulations on your new baby.

Get your Free noobie box here along with 20% off on any product on the website.