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DIY Lavender Eucalyptus Bath Salt using essential oils

bath salts with essential oils
DIY bath salts using essential oils

Some years ago I had a boss that told that every time she either needed to make a really important decision or needed to simply feel better that she would take a bath and considering she usually made the right decisions (so it appeared to me) I tried it out for myself.

Boy, was she right! A bath can definitely reset your mood and help you feel more relaxed and at ease. Now, imagine a bath on steroids because that's exactly what a bath with bath salts and essential oils is.

Bath salts are easy, simple to make and nourishing to the skin. Salts like epsom salt contains essential minerals such as magnesium and Himalayan salt contains calcium and lactic acid which can help strengthen bones and skin.

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For this specific bath salt recipe we have used lavender for its beneficial properties that help restore mental alertness or wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness and Eucalyptus that invigorate and promote vitality.

DIY Lavender Eucalyptus Bath Salt

1 cup Epsom Salt

1/2 cup of Himalayan Pink Salt

¼ cup coconut oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil

6 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

  1. Combine Salts, coconut oil, Lavender essential oil, and Eucalyptus essential oil.*

  2. Mix ingredients together.

  3. Store in container of choice.

  4. Optional: Add dried lavender and/or eucalyptus botanicals

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