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Goodie bag ideas for women

How to create a fun, cute and budget friendly goodie bag for women.

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I know you are one of the people who believes goodie bags are a super fun way to thank your guests for coming to your gathering and it does not have to be a kid thing!

After all, tell me someone who doesn't like to receive gifts ?

My mantra for goodie bags is "It can't just be cute, it has to be useful as well " and I use this mantra to create goodie bags for kids as well.

With that in mind, you can create a fun goodie bag with items that will be very useful to your guests but on a budget for you.

I went shopping on Amazon to find items that could be purchased in bulk at a great price and I found a few interesting things that could be a great addition to a women's goodie bag.

However, I didn't just stick with Amazon. I also went to Bath and body works because they usually have great deals on hand soaps and the ladies love them. I also match those deals with the coupons they send in the mail and girlfriend, I score a great deal on those hand soaps.

If you are a bridal shower or baby shower host, this is a great gift idea that you can give to the ladies that helped your big day come to life but this is also a great idea gift for any women's events.

Watch the video here on Youtube to see step by step how I put these goodie bags together.

Items used in this DIY

Set of cups

Set of hand lotion

Set of candles

Hand soap

Gift bags

Now, if you are more of a visual person, you can watch the youtube video of how quickly I put these together.