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Spending the day at Southern Fresh Farms

exploring southern fresh farms

Sundays at our home are spent with the kids and are for the kids which means that I am always on a hunt trying to find new interesting things to do in our small city.

Thanks to baby Jesus for facebook events though where you can find pretty much anything to do on any given day!

However, an old friend of mine had already told me about this place so when I checked facebook events and that was the first event that popped up, I had to check it out!

The farm is really easy to find and parking and entrance are FREE for adults and children. We can always appreciate free entertainment, considering we are a family of five, paid activities can turn out to be pretty costly.

As soon as you arrive you are welcomed by a bed of vegetables and flowers on both sides of the walkway. Further down you can see the beautiful bed of sunflowers. Sunflowers happen to be one of my favorite flowers but I have a real hard time keeping them alive.

As you may already know, the real fun part for the kids was obviously feeding the animals. They have goats, cows, donkeys, chickens and that was pretty much all I saw but they are super friendly and enjoy interaction with humans. The farm sells food that you can feed the animals.

Finally, we made our way into the farmers market pavillion where they sell drinks including alcoholic beverages, food, fresh veggies, jams and flowers. They also have a playground where kids can play and enjoy while parents relax and listen to live music.

Overall, it was a great time and my family and I really enjoyed our time there and will certainly return.

You can watch the youtube video HERE

You can see more pictures, directions and more information on google maps HERE

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