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How to plan for a family trip

planning for a  family trip

I love to travel and unlike a lot of people I enjoy packing as well. That's probably because I like challenges and making sure you got everything you need is certainly one 😛

I do make things easy though, I make lists! Oh, dahling, I love me a list, or maybe a few hehe.

I use evernote because I can access it on any and every device, pure awesomeness. I have here an example of the lists I made for our recent trip to the mountains in Georgia.

We stayed at a cabin with a fully equipped kitchen so I figured I would bring all food that I would cook that way we didnt waste time grocery shopping.

So, for that reason, I prepared 3 different lists:

* menu for the week

* foods to take

* things to take for each member of the family

I only packed enough food for the trip. For example:

* 12 tablespoons of coffee in a mason jar ( we drink 2 per day and added an extra 4 spoons just to be safe)

* Pre made all cake mixes and pancake so there was no need to take flour and other ingredients

* 2 cups of white rice in a mason jar

This method definitely worked for me but if you have other ideas, please share, don't keep those great ideas to yourself!

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