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10 Theme Park Must-haves when traveling with kids

Unlocking Unforgettable Family Fun: 10 Essential Theme Park Must-Haves for Kid-Friendly Adventures.

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We just recently went on vacation to Central Florida and every time we visit we learn something new. Amongst the things we usually learn is how to better prepare for the next trip; we analyze what we did that worked out for us and what we could have done better.

Here is the list of ten theme park must haves we are glad we brought and some other things we wish we would have thought of.

Keep in mind that this is based on our family needs. We have two very active boys and one very active little girl. They love to get in the water and touch the animals and really be a part of the whole experience. So, my biggest tip is to think ahead about your family wants and needs. How would your family members react to certain situations, what are some of the activities you are most likely to do and what would make those activities more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family.

Remember, this is your vacation, enjoy the best way you can and thinking ahead and planning will help you with that!

10 Theme Park Must Have's when traveling with kids

The weather is usually hot in Florida, so if you are at a park that doesn't feature a water ride (which is rare), there would be some kind of water entertainment throughout the park so it's a good idea to wear or bring a pair of water shoes/flip flops. If you prefer to stick with regular shoes, consider bringing an extra pair of socks and shoes as the ones you wear may get wet.

I had never really done this until our trip to SeaWorld and boy, am I happy our entire family wore a bathing suit and water clothes to the park. Water clothes dry much faster and doesn't weight as much when wet so with that being said, wearing a bathing suit under our water clothes was definitely a great idea. Especially because SeaWorld now has a water playground at Sesame Street Land and the kids spent quit a lot of time enjoying the water.

Wearing water clothes and shoes for SeaWorld Orlando Trip
Wearing swim trunks for Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando

3 - A change of clothes

If you plan to stay at the park all day until the time for fireworks and night time parades then a change of clothes is highly recommended. As the temperature drops, your clothes may take longer to dry so bring a different set you can change into and place the wet ones in a ziplock bag.

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This is one I wish I had thought about it but unfortunately, I didn't. I did see a couple of people with these waterproof cash holders at some of the parks and I thought it was such a good and practical idea for an easy and fast access to the important things you will need at the park such as your tickets, fast passes, cash, credit card, ID and more.

5 - Refillable bottle water with filter

Yes, it's true that every theme park has a water fountain but at least in Florida, the water condition from those water fountain aren't necessarily the best so I highly recommend a bottle water that comes with a filter to remove all the minerals and other chemicals from your drinking water.

Want to have your phone in hand at all time without the fear of getting it wet? Then, invest in one of these. I missed so many shot opportunities because I left mine at home. I guess I should have made a list and checked it twice.

This could be a great alternative to a stroller or even an addition to it. Children love the child backpack carrier because they can finally see everything from up high and it feels as if they were walking with you instead of just sitting in a stroller. This specific one holds up to 40 pounds.

8 - Snacks

Theme park snack can be very expensive, even for a small cup of fruits you may be looking at $5 or more, so prepare some ziplock bags with chips, fruits, veggies and small plastic container like this one with some almond or peanut butter to use it as a dip. Skip on this tip if you decide to purchase the all day dining plan from SeaWorld.

This is by far one of the greatest and cheapest theme park investment our family has made. We have used this harness for our kids and they don't mind it all.In fact, they like it because they get the freedom to walk on their own pace without having to hold hands and we love it because we get the peace of mind we need to enjoy the parks.

wearing wristband safety harness

Some parks like SeaWorld offers charging stations throughout the park where guests can relax while waiting for their electronics to charge up. However, if you like to be on the go, like our kids do, then a power bank may be the best option for you.

There are many options for battery banks available on the market but keep in mind that cheapest isn't always best. I have had my share of battery banks and the cheapest options always left me hanging when I needed it. We purchased this one from amazon and used it to charge both mine and husband's phone while at the parks and it lasted all day long ! No phones went dead during that vacation.

How about you? Do you have any theme park must have's? Something that just gives you peace of mind during your vacation? I'd love to hear it, kindly share it in the comments.


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