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Complete theme park menu with gluten Free and vegetarian options

Theme parks are super fun but the food isn't always the best especially if you are on a special diet not to mention they are usually pricey as well.

But if you really want to experience the foods at the theme parks and surrounding restaurants go for a breakfast meal. Breakfast is officially the cheapest meal at restaurants so if you are going to eat out, opt to eat during breakfast hours.

For all other meals, you can skip the lines, the high cost and flavorless meals at theme parks and bring your own. My oldest son is on a special diet so we always bring our own foods to the parks and never had an issue with it not being allowed.

Here are some ideas you can implement and use as inspiration to prepare a menu for your own family.

Complete theme park menu with gluten Free and vegetarian options

Mid Am Snacks

Yogurt GF/V

Pita Chips with hummus V

Carrots with hummus V/ GF

Crackers with gouda/any other kind of cheese V

Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachio or a mixed) GF/V

Avocado and Dark Chocolate Almond butter GF/V

Cheese and Olives GF/V

Guacamole and chips V


Turkey/ Chicken sandwich with cheese and butter

Boiled eggs and veggies GF / V

Meatballs and veggies GF

Veggie Soup GF /V

Chicken Soup GF

Almond butter and banana Sandwich (bread made with almond flour bread) GF/V

Guacamole and cheese sandwich (with grain wheat bread) V

Veggie sandwich V

Chicken/Turkey Salad GF

Veggie Salad GF/V

Mid Afternoon Snacks

Cut up apples with almond butter GF/V

Grapes GF/V

Banana and peanut butter on a cup GF/V

Kale & Cheddar chips GF

Oatmeal, almond butter and nuts cookie bar

Organic (preferably homemade) apple sauce

Quick Power up before dinner

Power up smoothies or juices - These smoothies will help replenish the nutrients your body used after a full long day filled with adrenaline and a whole lot of walking, probably in the heat too.

You can make these right before leaving to the park and place them in an insulated bottle. Make sure the bottle is big enough to hold enough smoothie for your family. There are many great bottles in the market that will keep your food cold/hot for up to 8-12 hours.

Here are some smoothie recipe ideas:

Bananas + moringa powder + Kefir + blueberries GF/V

Mango + Celery + Coconut water + Moringa Powder GF/V

Organic Milk + Strawberries + carrots + kale GF/V

Water + Spinach + blackberries + oranges GF/V


Insulated backpack

Insulated Soup Cups

Insulated Bottles

Small size containers

Ziploc bags

Quick Tips:

Freeze half of the water bottles you will be taking to the park and use them as ice packs. Ensure to place them inside a plastic bag so as they start to melt it doesn't leak inside your bag.

Place items that needs to stay cold on the bottom so they will get less sun and heat exposure and stay cool longer.

Keep all cold items and foods together in one backpack when possible.

Take extra plastic bags to store all dirty reusable containers and gears as well as dirty and wet clothes.

Avoid high sugary and foods filled with carbs as they will make you tired afterwards. Instead opt for foods that will provide you with the energy you need to keep up with a day full of activities.

Have any questions? Send me a DM and follow me on Instagram for more daily tips and food inspiration.