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23 things to do in Blue Ridge in the Winter

Find out all the great things to do in Blue Ridge, Georgia, during the winter and get the most out of your visit to this beautiful mountain town.

There is something magical about old small towns and Blue Ridge, GA is the perfect example of that.

Located north of Georgia right in the Blue Ridge Mountains and situated but a few miles from the Georgia/Tennessee line, Blue Ridge is a small town with quite a lot to offer.

Our family loved this town so much that we visited it once and came back a few years later - you can read the article about our first trip to Blue Ridge right here. Only this time we returned with quite a few more baggage; two more kids, a dog and way more actual luggage.

We stayed in this old but very charming home at the Inola properties. The home has a beautiful view of the lake and it is very close to everything including Downtown Blue Ridge.

It snowed while we were there and the entire ranch looked like a scene out of a movie, it was everything we wanted during our Christmas trip. You can watch a glimpse of it in this youtube video and if you are interested in checking out the property, here's the listing on their website.

Now, it doesn't always snow in Blue Ridge so if you are looking for snow, you may or may not get lucky but there is so much to do that you will not be disappointed.

And to help you see the most Blue Ridge and its neighboring towns have to offer, I have put together a list of things you can do in Blue Ridge during the winter time.

23 things to do in Blue Ridge in the winter

Keep in mind that Blue Ridge is a small town with deep rooted values and very family oriented so most activities in this article can include every member of the family with the exception of a few such as the winery tour.

Another very important fact to remember when planning your trip to Blue Ridge is that most businesses , including but not limited to retail stores, close early (5pm) compared to city hours and you will find that most restaurants do not stay open past 9pm.

1 - Take a hike

Don't forget to pack winter clothes for a winter hike and be sure to include boots, thick socks, thermals, hats, gloves, scarfs, water bottle and snacks. I like to include a lighter and instead of the recycling plastic bottles, I bring a reusable water bottle with a filtering system that allows our family to fill it up with water directly from the river.

Here are a few trails to consider when visiting Blue Ridge:

Appalachian trail

Stanley Gap Trail

Flat Creek Loop Trail

Flat Creek Connector

Benton MacKaye Trail

Green Mountain Trail

Long Branch Connector

Long Branch Loop Trail

Fall Branch Falls

You can also check out the Fannin county website for a complete list of hiking trails with maps including the long Appalachian and Benton MacKaye Trails and Aska trail system.

2 - Go Trout fishing

Known as the one of the best places for trout fishing in Georgia, Blue Ridge does not disappoint even during the winter times.

I read in a facebook post that a visitor had the best trout fishing experience during the winter. Apparently not many people go fishing around this time of the year, making the experience a bit less crowded in this region.

If you happen to need fishing gear or a guided trip, check out the Cohutta Fishing Company located right on Main street in Downtown Blue Ridge or book a whole fishing excursion with gear included with Reel' em In Guide Services.

3 - Camping

Fannin county offers an array of parks to camp, hike, fish or just simply enjoy the mount crisp fresh air.

Each park offers different amenities and have their own rules and regulations so be sure to check the information before visiting so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Here are some of the camping grounds in the area you may want to consider checking out:

4 - Breakfast in Downtown Blue Ridge

Explore the local cuisine and enjoy an early breakfast over at Serenity Garden cafe, they open at 8am from Wednesday through Monday. Or stop by Danielle's cafe for a delicious crepe.

Just looking for a hot ( or cold if that's your thing) cup of coffee? Das Kafee haus offers not only coffee but also hot chocolate, as well as chai latte and more.

5 - Night time stroll & pictures through downtown

If you happen to visit during Christmas time, a night time stroll through downtown will give you beautiful pictures of the Christmas tree as well as the beautifully decorated main street.

If you happen to get hungry during your walk, stop by the Harvest on Main Restaurant for a southern inspired cuisine, which has been named traveler's choice in 2020 or check out Ferraro's kitchen for an Italian cuisine taste.

6 - Visit the art center

Check out art and paintings created by Blue Ridge and neighboring town artists and residents over at The Art Center.

The art center is located on Main street and it welcomes visitors and buyers, who are interested in taking a piece of Blue Ridge art home with them.

7 - Visit a National Park

Visit the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest to experience wild life, waterfalls, camping and over 860,000 acres of pure nature.

8 - Go on a scenic drive

I could try to explain but words aren't enough and pictures really do this place no justice, so you really just have to come and take a drive to see it for yourself.

From Asks Rd to Chestatee Overlook - This entire trip will take about one hour. This ride will take you from the beginning of the beautiful and scenic Aska Rd,where the Toccoa Riverside restaurant is located, all the way to the end of it.

You will get the chance to see the Toccoa river flowing through the mountain roads of Blue ridge then head over to where Dial Rd and Hwy 60 meets for one of the most beautiful rides in North Georgia.

Stop by the Cochran- Davenport house, also known as the fancy house, which was built in 1885 and today it is a landmark where visitors can stop by and admire classic architecture.

End the scenic ride over at Chestatee overlook and then continue driving to arrive at the town of Dahlonega and grab a bite to eat.

Or you can take this scenic drive that takes you back to Blue Ridge through the town of Marganton, giving you breath taking views of the Blue Ridge Lake and you will end up exactly where you started.

If you took a different route, share it in the comments and let me know which roads you took and what type of experiences you had. It's always nice to hear directly from people about new hidden gems.

9 - Stand in Three States at the same time

It's about a 20 minute drive from downtown Blue Ridge to the Georgia/Tennessee/North Carolina line or you can take a drive to the sweet town of Copperhill and take a picture while standing in Georgia and Tennessee. The drive will be about 16 minutes from downtown.

10 - Take a train ride

The Blue Ridge scenic train ride is one of the town's post cards but during the winter, especially during the Holidays, this train ride feels like something out of Polar Express.

The train is all decorated with Christmas decor and the ride through the scenic mountains with brown leaves, the river water frozen in some parts due to the cold temperature and the snow still very visible from one of the snowy nights that had just happen is simply magical


Now I will say that the ride is far from a cheap event especially if you are taking the closed cabins which I highly recommend if you are traveling in the winter.

If you choose to go in the open carts, remember to bring winter gear because it can get pretty chilly in the mountains especially during an outdoor train ride.

11 - Go Mountain biking

If you are into extreme sports or perhaps you are a bike enthusiast who loves a challenge, then you are going to love the mountain bike trails in Blue Ridge, especially in the winter time where most people are not taking advantage of those trails and you may be one of the few in there.

Check out this outdoor biking trail route and map provided by the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce to help you plan your mountain biking trip ahead.

12 - Go to a local park

Blue Ridge offers two parks; the Downtown Blue Ridge Park and The Blue Ridge City Park.

The one in downtown is located right in front of the courthouse and it offers two different playground areas; one for small children and the other for bigger kids.

It's a great area to bring the kids to let off some steam after grabbing some hot chocolate or a fudge from the Three sisters fudge store.

Now, the Blue Ridge city park offers a playground as well but is also has a baseball field, tennis and basketball court.

There are also some other great parks in the area, sitting just outside of Blue Ridge such as the Ron Henry Park, Mineral Springs Park or the McCaysville Toccoa River Park.

13 - Go Mountain golfing (or indoor)

It can get a pretty chilly to golf in the mountains during the winter, but if you are a thrill chaser, the Old Toccoa Farm offers the public a beautiful course situated not too far from Downtown Blue Ridge.

In case you want to golf but want to escape the cold, 2nd story entertainment provides a 18 hole indoor golf course that is a great entertainment for the entire family. They also have a few other arcade games and even dipping dots ice cream, in case you need something sweet.

14 - The Lilly pad village

The Lily Pad Village is a great place to take the entire family but especially kids.

They offer kid friendly activities such as mining for gem, mini golfing and even fish and release.

Make sure you check their availability and hours of operation during the winter time as depending on the day you visit certain activities may not be available.

15 - Take a winery tour

You'd be surprise (or maybe not) to find out that Blue Ridge along with its neighboring towns have about 17 wineries that you can tour.

Blue Ridge alone is hosts to two of them: The Bear claw winery and The Mercier Orchards Farm Winery.

If you are looking for a very mature activity to do while in the mountains, this right here is the perfect one to enjoy especially during the winter season.

Whether you are in a group of friends or you are a couple, this is a great way to not only discover the local wine but also to enjoy the mountain view and crisp air while doing so.

16 - Go horse riding

Horse riding is one of my favorite activities to do while in the mountains and I highly recommend trying if you haven't yet.

Blue Ridge is a great place to enjoy a horse ride and see the beauty of the mountains.

There are several horse guided tours and private ranches you can schedule a horse ride for more advanced riders. There's even proposal rides and dinner rides offered by the Appalachian Trail Rides.

17 - Visit a local museum

Looking to get a little closer to the history of the town and find out more about the people who once lived there and how it turned out to be what it is today?

Check out The Baugh House also known as the Heritage Foundation, to get a close look at old newspapers, artifacts and memorabilia from the 1890s and early 1900s.

There's also the Fannin County Veterans museum that is host to war memorabilia including but not limited to artifacts sent by local veterans and their families.

18 - Have lunch at the Toccoa Riverside restaurant

This activity has to be one of our family's favorite activity to do while in Blue Ridge.

Not only we love the food at the Toccoa Riverside restaurant, the view is also magnificent, especially if you go for lunch or early dinner so you can see the beautifulo Toccoa river flowing right past the restaurant.

Our favorite dish is the famous trout. I order it fried and my husband usually gets the lemon pepper option. The crab imperial dip is another winner in our book and definitely worth trying it.

It has a little kick to it but as someone who cannot handle spicy, this dip is far from that.

Now, make sure you go down close to the river and sit on the gigantic chair with the Toccoa River as your background.

And if it's your birthday you are in luck, because they offer a free meal that includes dinner, salad, rolls and butter on the day of your birthday. Just remember to bring your ID/Passport for proof.

19 - Go zip lining

Feeling a little adventurous? Blue Ridge is home not to one but to two Zip lining attractions.

Check out the Blue Ridge Adventure Park or the Zipline Canopy tours for a fun day of zip lining in the mountains.

Keep in mind to dress appropriately for this activity.

20 - Visit BigFoot expedition Museum

Do you believe that Bigfoot exist?

Well, many people do and a lot of those believers have gathered their own evidence and submitted to Expedition Bigfoot museum as proof that Bigfoot does indeed exist.

Children and adults are welcomed to embark on this journey to figure out if Bigfoot is real or just a myth.

The entire experience lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on how enthusiastic you become about finding the truth.

21 - Check out a waterfall

I have never met someone who said they didn't like waterfalls, although, I have heard an advice that says to not go chasing waterfalls ( if you like TLC, you got this one lol).

In all seriousness, waterfalls are amazing and Blue Ridge is home to some pretty cool ones like the Falls Branch Falls, which was mostly all frozen when we visited December of 2022.

Here are some other waterfalls in the areas that are totally worth checking out.

Jack River Falls

Long Creek Falls

Toccoa River Swinging Bridge

Sea Creek Falls

Toccoa River Swinging Bridge

22 - Have dinner at Old Toccoa farm

Picture a delicious dinner, in a 40º F weather with a beautiful mountain view on a farm, while enjoying a local robust wine ?

Sounds like a plan to you? Well, you can get exactly that over at the Old Toccoa Farm but reservations are required so do not try just showing up.

23 - Attend a local event.

Check out the Fannin County website to get acquainted with all the local events the city hosts during the Winter.

One of the events that is a huge hit with the locals is the Fire and Ice chili cook off with live music, ice sculptures and of course, chili.


More pictures of Blue Ridge and surroundings

Did you like this list with 23 things to do in Blue Ridge during the winter? Then share it with your friends and family who are also planning a trip to Blue Ridge, Ga and if there is anything else you'd like to add to the list, leave it in the comments below.


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