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How to have the nursery of your dreams for under $500

how to have the nursery of your dreams for under $500

Planning for a nursery can get expensive. You see all these beautiful things that you want but in reality it will never be used by the baby or you. So, how do you go about having a super cute nursery without emptying the piggy bank?

You budget, my friend! And you think of anything that can serve more than one purpose or can be re used. For example, I bought and made decoration for my baby shower that I knew I could use in the nursery later. I also started looking for items I really wanted and needed early so I could pay the best price.

TIP: Never wait for the last minute because you will always end up paying more simply because you have no option.

So, here we go, let's see the total for my nursery. I am also excited because this is the first time that I am actually adding everything together.

Dresser Side of the Room:

Dresser - FREE (Husband found in trash, we cleaned it, buffed it and spray painted)

Changer - FREE (Baby Shower Gift)

Picture Frame - $6

Shutterfly Book -$10 ( I had a free one so I only paid the shipping)

Lava Lamp - FREE ( got it for free from playing games and getting points at Zoomers)

Jar with Flowers - FREE ( Decoration from Baby Shower)

Baby Book - FREE ( used gift card to purchase it but price was $8)

5 Frames - $12 ( I made them myself with canvasses from Michael's and baby blankets from Ross)

Glitter Ornament Decor - FREE (Decoration from baby shower)

Diaper Pail - FREE (Baby Shower Gift)

Live Laugh Love Side

Live Laugh Love - $10 from Ross

Small Table - FREE (Found on the curb, husband fixed the leg then cleaned, buffed and spray painted)

Jar with flowers - FREE ( Decor from baby shower)

Elephant Dehumidifier - FREE (baby shower gift)

Little Duck - FREE ( Gift)

Baby Sign - $3 ( It came paired with the sign "shower" as well, so technically it's $1.50)

H Sign - $8 from Michael's

Chair - $25 (From Craigslist, it was brand new)

Curtains - FREE (Gift, but they are from amazon and it cost $42.99 for each pair)

stuffed animal sitting on chair - FREE ( Gift )

Crib Side

Crib - $109.99 ( From Amazon )

Mattress - $58.99 (From Amazon)

Bedding Set - Free ( Baby Shower Gift)

Mobile - FREE (Baby Shower Gift)

Triangle Decoration - FREE ( Baby Shower Decor)

H Frame - FREE ( Baby Shower Decor - I had everyone leave a little note for him)

Wall Frame - $8

Rug - Free (Baby Shower Gift but it is from Amazon and it costs $50.23)

My total is $250.98 (I rounded some of the prices up) but if you had to purchase certain things here and there, you can still make it for no more than $500 and get it to look the way you want it. I got a lot of gift cards and cash for my baby shower which allowed me to go and purchase a lot of the items for good prices and matching everything as I wanted.

I hope this can help you in your journey of building your own nursery on budget and as always...

Enjoy the sweet side of life.


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