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Fashion, home and beauty finds | My latest purchases on Amazon

Latest finds on Amazon in beauty, home and fashion.

As winter arrives my skin takes a big hit.

Having lived in a Tropical weather for my entire life, the dry and cold weather does not do my skin any good so staying on top of skin care routine is really major during this season.

So, I stocked up on skin care and bath items to give my skin the nourishing it needs.

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We also picked up a few home items as well as purses that had a really great price point plus I needed to add those colors to the purse collection.

My favorite find of this shopping session has to be the double sided comforter.

I was watching "Home Alone" and saw they had a red comforter with a red bed skirt and I wanted the same bed decor for Christmas so I turned to Amazon and found the one in the picture at a great price point.

It's super comfortable and once I am done with the red I can turn it around and enjoy the black side.

Amazon fashion, home and beauty finds

1 - Raw Sugar Body Scrub combo - Purchase price $27.99

2 - Kodak Printer Dock - Purchase price $129.99

3 - Clarins Double Serum - Purchase price $130.00

4 - Double sided comforter - Purchase price $35.99

5 - Red Bed Skirt - Purchase price $14.39

6 - Yellow clutch /shoulder bag - Purchase price $10.46

7 - Mighty nose patch - Purchase price $16.19

8 - Sulwhasoo skin care travel set - Purchase price $58.00

9 - Mighty acne patch - Purchase price $12.99

10 - Red clutch/shoulder bag - Purchase price $11.89

11 - Shower steamers - Purchase price $49.97

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