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Amazon white and gold office finds | Amazon Latest Purchases

My most recent purchases on Amazon for the new home office.

DISCLOSURE : This post may contain affiliate links if you make a purchase, helping to support our blog at no extra cost to you.

We are currently transitioning from a nursery room into a home office and we went searching on Amazon to find the perfect pieces but that are also budget friendly.

We didn't want to spend too much money but we also wanted to make sure that the items we chose matched exactly what we envisioned for the space.

We went with gold and white as our main colors and wanted to ambiance to have a chic yet classic style with a cozy vibe.

Want to see exactly how the office turned out? Check it out here.

My recent purchases on Amazon for the new Gold and White Home Office

1 - Gold Office desk accessories - Purchased price $24.99

2 - Small white 3 tier book shelf - Purchased price $21.83

3 - Gold file folders - Purchased price $13.72

4 - Faux leather chair - Purchased price $62.98

5 - Gold curtains - Purchase price -$9.91

6 - Gold spiral lamp - Purchase price $32.99

7 - Faux fur white rug - Purchase price $54.99

8 - Gold tall mirror - Purchase price 145.99

9 - Mini desktop vacuum - Purchase price $13.98

10 - Gold alarm digital clock - Purchase price $25.95

11 - White and gold desk - Purchase price $117.99

Want to see more of my latest purchases on Amazon ? Check out my entire list with all the items that I have personally bought and tried it myself.

And if you want to see the transformation of the office, head over to my Instagram and check out the highlights "Home Office" to see how we went from nursery to a beautiful white and gold work oasis.

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