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Amazon Haul | How to get the best prices on beauty & fashion items on Amazon

Amazon beauty hall and how to get the best prices on beauty items

Quick Fun Fact about me: Although I love to receive gifts, there's just something about giving that brings so much joy to my heart and soul.

Nevertheless, I just recently went on an Amazon beauty shopping spree, however, I didn't pay full price for any of the products I purchased. Everything was bought through the Women's Fashion Amazon Promo codes, a facebook group where you can score great deals on women's fashion and beauty items.

Here are all of the items I got:

Total Worth :$370.97 Total Spent: $25.94

1 - Invicta Women's Melissa Bangle Bracelet

Regular price: $283.00 Paid: $1.56

2 - Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Regular price : $30.00 Paid: $6.00

3 - Hair Dryer Brush

Regular Price: $43.99 Paid: $11.00

4 - Necklace

Regular price: $22.00 Paid $4.39

5 - Hair Scalp Massager

Regular price: $5.99 Paid: $2.99

With Christmas being right around the corner this is probably the best time to start shopping if you want to score some really great deals before all the holiday season actually starts.

Now, the great thing about these heavily discounted items is that you can gift them individually or you can create a basket/box and give it as package. For example, all of these products I just purchased from Amazon is going to be part of a beauty box that we put together to give to one of the members of our Women's Fashion Amazon promo code group as a celebration of my 31 years of life.

Truth is, there are so many gift creations you can come up with or check out Pinterest for an infinite amount of gift ideas if you aren't feeling creative, but what's even better is you won't ever have to spend an absurd amount of money on a gift you are actually proud to give.

So, with that being said, if you haven't joined our promo codes and deals facebook group, be sure to do that right now if you don't like to full price on merchandise and if you have already joined our group don't forget to turn the notifications on and be up to date with all the current deals.

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