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DIY School Girl Halloween Costume

DIY school girl

Halloween costumes are very expensive, especially considering the fact that most of us only use it once a year and rarely repeats the same costume.

With that in mind, I refuse to spend on expensive costumes for myself and the hubby and usually leave the special characters like super heroes and princesses for the kids as they can be a little overpriced.

On that note, I put together a super inexpensive school girl costume that is super easy to replicate.

My favorite piece of this entire outfit is the skirt, first because it is super cute and comfortable but also because it only cost $4.80 !!!! Although, the price on Amazon is much higher than that, I scored a promo code from this facebook group for 70% off and ended up getting this amazing piece at such a bargain!!!

Now, what I really liked about this DIY school girl costume is that is super versatile so you can pick between the good or the bad school girl and use the same outfit for different occasions.

A great tip is to change your hair and lipstick colors when playing good or bad school girl. For the good girl session I decided to go with more natural colors for the make up, as for the bad girl I went a little more punk and used purple and added heavy eyeliner to create a dramatic effect.


Skirt -

Shirt -

Stockings -

Shoes -

Photographed and edited by Shelly Walling

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