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DIY Chucky Halloween costume and make up

Halloween is a huge deal in America but the costumes are always so costly not to mention cheaply made.

Why pay so much money for something you may only wear once? Well, how about creating a costume that you can wear the pieces multiple times and mix and match with other items?

If you like to save money or is on a budget then building your own costume is a preferable option.

Which is exactly what I did for this Halloween villain characters photoshoot: I made my own!

Keep in mind that I bought all items at Citi Trends and unfortunately, they do not have an online store so I can't provide you with links. However, I did find similar items on the web that you can also use to put your Chucky costume together.

I spent a total of $32 for the jumpsuit, shirt and shoes. The wig was purchased on a different occasion for a Pennywise photoshoot.

The make up was simply done with red and silver eyeliners to help mimic the cuts and staples on Chucky's face. I am not going to go into details on how I did my make up but you can get an idea by looking at the picture.

Links to Chucky costume pieces:



Red Chuck Converse shoes



Brandon Yates photography is responsible for the amazing professional photos. The team picked the Koreshan State Park as a location for the shoot because of its natural environment as well as perfect scenery for a scary/halloween photoshoot.


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Beetlejuice - Catherine

Jason - Lisania

Brandon Yates Photography