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One ingredient homemade ice cream

one ingredient homemade ice cream

Ever since I read this book called Gut And Psychology Syndrome my culinary skills grew tremendously! NOT REALLY lol To be quite honest, the book is filled with simple, all natural and organic recipes and what it really did for me was it taught me that a healthy and delicious meal can also be easy to make.

I read the book to help my oldest son whom has autism and I am so thankful for doing so. In the beginning it was really tough as he would refuse to eat the meals I made with recipes from the book. If you are at all familiar with autism you know that they are very particular with what they eat and that usually only involves very starchy foods like cereal, bread, breaded and fried food and those sort of things.

However, we pushed through and today my son eats whatever vegetable, fruit or meat we put in front of him and tell him to eat. Yes, he may fuss a little when it's time to eat kale, make some funny faces but he will eat it!

Well, nevertheless, the reason why I told you all of this is because this recipe is also from the GAP Syndrome book. It's such an amazing ice cream recipe for anyone who is lactose intolerant or just simply cannot have any preservatives and unnatural sugars which was my son's case.

The main and only ingredient for this recipe is BANANAS! Preferably the ones that are gooey and almost going bad with black stuff all over it. The amount you need will depend on the amount of ice cream you want to make or the amount of almost bad bananas you have at home.

The process to making your one ingredient homemade ice cream

1 - Cut bananas into small slices

2 - Throw banana slices into Ziplock bag

3 - Flatten out the bananas inside the Ziplock bag and store them in the freezer laying down so the bananas aren't smooshed up together. The reason why you do this is so when you put in the food processor it is easier to mix. ( I didn't do it this last time and totally regret it)

4 - After bananas are completely frozen, put in a food processor on the sauce/puree mode. You can also use a blender but depending on the kind of blade your blender has it may be more challenging to achieve the ice cream texture but it is possible.

5 - After you have achieved a sauce/puree texture, make sure there are no banana lumps then pour the mix into a bowl. This is also the perfect time to add any toppings of your desire such as such as strawberry piecers, dark chocolate morsels, nuts; just mix it with the ice cream sauce and put it the freezer.

6 - Freeze banana mix for about 2 - 3 hours then your homemade ice cream is ready to be enjoyed.

how to turn frozen bananas into ice cream using food processor


The garnish I used for my ice cream is very simple and delicious to make. I combine a 1/2 cup of melted chocolate morsels with a cup of coconut oil, mix well then pour it on to the ice cream.

It's so cool watching the chocolate coconut oil harden up on top of the one ingredient homemade ice cream, and it tastes delicious too!

P.S. - My husband was super surprised when he found out the amount of coconut oil I used because he couldn't even taste the coconut at all.

homemade banana ice cream topped with chocolate coconut oil

I'd love to hear any ideas you may have and if you have tried this recipe, comment below and let me know what you think.

Rather watch a video? Here's the link to the video of this recipe


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