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Nokomis beach | Southwest Florida beaches

Spend a fantastic day at Nokomis Beach and make the most out of trip with these super useful tips.

Nokomis beach sign

Southwest Florida is packed with amazing beaches so picking one to visit can be a hard task sometimes. Luckily I live here and can enjoy them pretty much all year long, except for January through March when the weather is just way too cold for Floridians like myself to go to the beach.

Now, although I have been living here pretty much my entire life, there are still places that I have yet to explore and one of them was Nokomis Beach.

Nokomis beach is located in Sarasota county and it is one of the oldest beach parks in the county. There is so much to do here and the beach itself is literally paradise on earth with clear water and fine sand.

If you are planning a trip to Nokomis beach here are few things you should know so you can prepare accordingly.

Everything you should know before visiting Nokomis beach, Florida


One of the perks about this beach is that there are several parking spaces so even if you aren't an early riser you can still find parking regardless of the time you arrive.

Another great thing about Nokomis beach park is that the parking is totally free.

Picking a spot on the beach

A big part of the beach is actually private property that is owned by homeowners and resorts so be sure that you stay within the public beach grounds or you may be asked to move. We had that happened to us but fortunately the hotel manager was kind enough to let us stay, maybe because he saw that I was pregnant and had little kids with us. The perks of being pregnant, eh?

Nokomis beach during early morning hours

No pets

Dogs are not allowed on Nokomis beach, however, if you have a service animal they are not subjected to this rule and are welcomed.

Park hours

The park is operable from 6 am to Midnight, so plan accordingly.


Camping is not allowed on the premises. However, there are plenty of resorts that are located right on the beach that you can rent so you can take full advantage of the gorgeous view of the beach.

No glass

If you are bringing a cooler along with food and drinks, keep in mind to pack cans and plastic items only as glass is not allowed on the beach. Also, bring a plastic bag that you can keep all your trash in and later dispose once you leave the beach.

Please do not litter and take everything you brought with you back. The environment and wildlife depends that we maintain a clean beach for their survival.

Bike Parking

The beach park offers bike parking at no additional cost, so if you are staying close to the beach and want to take your bike instead of a car, your bike will be safe and sound while you enjoy the park grounds.


Nokomis beach park provides very clean bathrooms for its guests. If you have little kids or a baby, there is also a changing table in the women's bathroom for your convenience.


Showers are also available for your convenience so you can clean yourself and your beach items. This is a great feature so you don't bring sand back to your car and eventually your home or hotel room.

Showers provided at Nokomis beach

Water Fountain

Another great feature about the Nokomis beach park is the water fountain. This water fountain is also not just a basic water fountain. It's a filtered water fountain with an activated and automatic bottle filler that makes it easy for you to bring your water bottles and fill it up. The water also comes out so cold and it has no nasty taste as many water fountains do here in Florida.

Things to do in Nokomis beach

Now that you know the most important things about Nokomis beach park, the do's and the don'ts, it's time to discuss all of the activities you can do while you are visiting. Whether you have kids, are a couple on a romantic getaway or even by yourself, there are tons of things to do here so you can kiss boredom goodbye!


The beach is filled with all kinds of shells with many of them laying by the shore for easy shelling. So bring your bags and shelling utensils, you will not regret it.


One of the many great amenities of the Nokomis beach park is the boat ramp that is accessible to any visitor. So, if you are a boater this beach is perfect for you to enjoy.

Sailing boat passing by on Nokomis Beach


A Canoe and kayak launch is also available at the park so bring the toys out if you have them.

Paddle boarding

The waters of the Nokomis beach are so calm that it makes the perfect environment for paddle boarders. We actually saw a few of them during our visit.

Paddle border on Nokomis beach


The park has picnic tables all throughout, making it a great spot to enjoy a picnic on the beach.

Picnic tables


Yes, you can rent a space in the park and have your own beach party. Be sure to contact the local park administration to rent a pavilion.

Wildlife watching

Nokomis is home to many wild life creatures. From birds to sea turtles and even manatees that sometimes come by the shores, keep your camera and eyes ready because you just never know when they will show up.

Do keep in mine that wild life is highly protected here in Florida so do not disturb sea turtle nests as it is a crime and punishable with a fine and even incarceration.

Sea turtle nest on Nokomis beach


Fishing is allowed on the beach of Nokomis but any adult over the age of 18 must have a Florida fishing license in order to fish. You can easily obtain one online or even at Wal-mart.


If your kids get tired of the beach, you can take them to the playground that is located right across from the main parking lot.

Kids playground


There are several grills located on the premises so you can grill and barbecue. You do not have to rent these or schedule use in advance, however, they are available on a first come first serve. basis. But considering there are so many of them, you should have no issues with scoring one for you or your family.

Barbecue grills provided by the Nokmois beach park


This one may sounds a bit obvious since we are talking about a beach but Nokomis beach is really perfect for swimming because the waters are so calm. I even saw a couple of professional swimmers training on the beach.


Another great feature about this park is that it offers a beach volleyball court that is open to the public. So if you are into volleyball, bring your own ball and play away.

Enjoy the sunset

Sunsets in Southwest Florida beaches are one of the most beautiful in the world and since the park is open until midnight you can even arrive just before the sun sets to catch the beautiful view.


I hope you enjoy your visit to Nokomis beach park and keep in mind to be respectful of the environment and wildlife, do not litter and be mindful of others when using all the great amenities provided by the park.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send me a DM via Instagram and I would be glad to help you make your trip even more enjoyable.


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