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Things to do in Fort Myers | Manuels Branch Neighborhood Park

Small yet beautiful park in the heart of Fort Myers with small trails and even a small creek.

Fort Myers is one of the biggest cities in Southwest Florida and as a resident I see the growth of the area bring more people to come live in the area.

Moms who have just recently moved here often ask me what is there to do with your kids besides the beach? And I always answer, quite a lot!

Of course, Southwest Florida has amazing beaches to visit and I have covered a few of them on my youtube channel, but there is so much more than just beaches.

There are hidden gems throughout Florida that you have to either be a local, know the locals or do extensive research to find. I have discovered that many times, not even the locals know about these spots.

One of them is the Manuels Branch Neighborhood Park located near the Edison Park neighborhood and Downtown Fort Myers. The park is small but really pretty, especially if you are into taking pictures.

I have done two photoshoots at this park with two different photographers and they both loved it! You can see the school girl photoshoot here and the pennywise photoshoot here.

I also like to do my own photoshoots at this park. This is a picture of me at the playground and below is a picture of my daughter on a cut tree.

Now, if I got you hyped up about visiting Manuels Branch Neighborhood Park, here are a few things you should know before visiting.

Manuels Branch Neighborhood Park Must-knows

1 - Parking is limited

There is not much space to park. In fact, you only see a designated parking space for vehicles with the disabled tag but you can still park on the outer edges of the park.

2 - Address

Punch in this address on your GPS to get to Manuels Branch neighborhood park: 2777 Cortez Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

3 - Two small trails

There is a trail surrounding the playground and there is an adjacent trail that sits directly behind the high school football field and is absolutely beautiful as well.

My kids love walking both trails, it is a must every time we visit the park.

4 - Great place to sit and think

There are benches all throughout the park so you can pick a spot that best suits you and enjoy the bids chirping, maybe read a good book. If you are looking for a good read, here's a list of 100 books you should read in your lifetime.

5 - Picnic

There is one picnic table available and luckily it is located directly under a covered gazebo so if it starts to rain out of nowhere, which happens often in Florida, you have a shaded area where you can take shelter.

6 - Playground for the kids

There is a playground on site with swings and slide. The kids absolutely love it! It isn't very big but honestly this neighborhood park doesn't get too many visitors at a time.

7 - Bring your pet

You can bring your pet to the park but they must stay on a leash at all times. Ensure that you pick up after your pets as well. There is a dog park not too far from this one, located on Coronado Road and you can let your pup loose there while the kids play on the other side.

To have a visual look of the park, watch the youtube video I created for you. I didn't cover the trail behind the Fort Myers High School football field but the area I did cover is quite nice to have a great time with kids.

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