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Farm Maternity Photoshoot at North Fort Myers Farm

Farm Maternity Photoshoot

To be quite honest with you I was so hesitant about doing a maternity shoot because I felt and looked puffy, big and truly not my best. However, considering this is my third and last pregnancy, hubby was very adamant about me doing one.

Consequently, the hunt for a maternity gown started and because I am pretty picky and conservative and the internet is full of see through and way too exposed stuff for my taste, it wasn't an easy task at all.

Not to mention I can be a little indecisive at times so I found a couple of ones that I liked, even added one of them to the cart on Amazon and then waited a couple of days just to make sure that it was the right gown.

What a mistake I made! When I finally made the decision to purchase the gown it was gone! I had already visualized the entire photoshoot in my head with that GOWN!!!! And just like that the search started all over again!

In addition, my sciatic nerves started to hurt so much from all that sitting down while looking for a gown online, I mean, it felt like an eternity but then again everything feels that way when you are pregnant.

Well, as you may have been told by someone smart in your life, "those who look, find"! That is most certainly true because in the end I did find my perfect gown.

The size was perfect, the color was exactly as I wished, and it was conservative enough for me. Here is a link to gown. They do have different colors in case you like the design of it but has a different choice of color.

Nevertheless, a gown is important but you also need a great photographer that knows their angles and is experience with photographing children and pregnant women. I decided to go with Chris Angel because I had already used him for a previous photoshoot and really enjoyed working with him. Once again he did an amazing job, he truly captured the best moments of myself and my family. Him and his fiancee are patient and so accommodating, I am so happy with the shots and their work ethic. If you liked the photos and you are in Florida, you can find him here.

As far as for the location I also have Chris to thank for. I told him what kind of setting I wanted and he suggested Rosy Tomorrow's Farm, a beautiful farm in North Fort Myers, Florida where they sell organic beef and produce. The place is stunning and perfect for the farm maternity shoot I was looking for!

Finally, you can also see how I decorated my baby girl's room right here, I decided to go with coral and mint green with gold accents and it turned out quite cute. Check it out.

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