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Best Teeth Whitening Home Kit

Best teeth whitening home kit

If you are a big coffee drinker like I am or even a smoker, your teeth may be suffering from some yellowing or stains and you may be considering a visit to dentist to get them brighten up. however, a visit to dentist can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars and you just don't have the cash to splurge on getting your teeth whiter.

Now, there are tons of other alternatives besides a dentist and some of them work and others don't but if you have been wondering whether the teeth whitening home kits you see at your local grocery store or on amazon actually work, then you are going to want to listen to this.

It does work!!

The product I tried was the Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1 hour Express Teeth Whitening Kit that comes with 7 treatments and a lightweight handheld device that weakens stains. Each treatment comes with 2 strips, a long one for the top and the shorter one is for the bottom set of teeth.

As you apply the product, I would recommend to also stretch it out so you can get the most amount of product on your teeth. After, I place and stretch the strips on my teeth, I also go ahead rubber my fingers against my teeth so the product can get in between the creases.

The wait time is 60 minutes, so if you want maximum results I would recommend keeping it on for the entire hour. You can drink water with this product but I have never done it so I cannot tell you on my experience with it.

Now, once the hour has passed, still with the strips on, you are going to go ahead and place the handheld lighting device in your mouth and press the two buttons on the side to turn it on. You will want to keep it on for about 5 minutes but there is no need to time it as the device will beep to alert you to remove it from your mouth.

Finally, you can remove the strips from your teeth and see the results for yourself, which are brighter and whiter teeth for a fraction of the cost that you would get at a dentist, also without the hassle of traveling to and waiting at the dental office.

If you decide to use this product, I'd love to hear what you think about and how it's working for you so don't forget to come back and let me know in the comments below.

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