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Amazon Favorites 2019 | 15 best sunflower gift ideas

15 best sunflower gift ideas

Sunflowers are by far one of my favorite flowers, it is big, tall, bright and yellow. And let me tell you that I am not the only one; on Instagram alone there are over 5.3 million posts using the hashtag sunflower, so it isn't to my surprise that when I checked Amazon for sunflower products a whole list of super cute items popped up.

The sunflower inventory is so extensive that I got super inspired and ended up creating a new board with over 80 sunflower products which then lead me to want to share this list with the 15 coolest and most unique sunflower items I found on amazon with all sunflower enthusiasts and anyone looking for a cool sunflower themed gift.


Before I give you the list of the 15 best sunflower gift ideas I found on Amazon, let me give you some fun facts about this beautiful flower so you can appreciate it even more.

- The sunflower is the state flower of the US state of Kansas, and one of the city flowers of Kitakyūshū, Japan

- The flowers were the subject of Van Gogh's Sunflowers series of paintings.

- The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine

- Sunflowers were also worshipped by the Incas because they viewed it as a symbol for the Sun

- Sunflower oil, extracted from the seeds, is used for cooking, as a carrier oil and to produce margarine and biodiesel, as it is cheaper than olive oil.

15 best sunflower gift ideas on Amazon

Sunflower Tech and on the go products

1 - Sunflower Iphone Case

The dream of any sunflower lover, sunflower flower iphone case so you can display your love for it everywhere you go!

2 - MacBook Air Sunflower case with compatible mouse pad and keyboard cover

I don't have a mac book but I do have an Imac computer and think the sunflower keyboard cover and matching key pad would look so cute on my desk!

3 - Apple Watch Sunflower band

Hand-Stitched Faux Leather Sunflower watch is super cute and goes perfect with iphone case

4 - Sunflower backpack with lunch box and pencil case included

Great for any teenager girl who loves sunflower.

5 - Sunflower Tumbler

This super cute sunflower tervis tumbler is BPA free, great for both hot & cold, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Sunflower Fashion Items

6 - Cute sunflower dress

Cute sunflower vintage dress

This super cute vintage sunflower cocktail party dress is perfect for any occasion.

The dress is also considered Amazon's choice in it's category, featuring four stars and over 1,800 reviews.

7 - Comfortable Sunflower sneakers

Comfortable, breathable and soft texture sunflower sneakers to go with your sunflower dress

8 - High Wait Sunflower Bathing Suit

High Wait Sunflower Bathing Suit

This bikini set features a scoop neck top with sunflower pattern and high waisted bottoms

9 - Handmade Sunflower Necklace

All natural, no dyes or preservatives. Real dry pressed wildflowers are encased between real glass cabochons. Is not resin, so will not yellow with time.

10 - Sunflower Earrings

Very light weight, eco-friendly earrings are hand-made from sustainably-sourced birch wood.

Sunflower Home Decor

11 - Sunflower Bedspread

You can choose between twin, queen and king size

12 - Sunflower Wall canvas art

Waterproof sunfast canvas material and certified eco-friendly paint for stunning quality and lasting durability.

13 - Sunflower pillow cases

This set of 2 retro gold beetle sunflowers pillowcase is super cute for the couch or even your sunflower bed

14 - Sunflowers shower curtain

This adorable sunflowers shower curtain sets comes with non-slip rugs, Toilet Lid Cover and Bath Mat, Flower in The Sunset Shower Curtains with 12 Hooks, Durable Waterproof Bath Curtain.

15 - Sunflower Bouquet Arrangement

This cute bouquet looks like real sunflowers but they are made of silk material and will last you all year long. Perfect for a night stand, coffee table, or even as center pieces for weddings.

Want to get more inspired? Check my entire sunflower list on Amazon !

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