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Valentine's day Room Decor on a budget

Decorate your entire home on a budget with these Valentine's day decor ideas.

Valentine's day Room decor

It's no secret that I love to decorate according to Holidays and season, it's so much fun plus a non expensive way to change the vibes in the house without having to spend big bucks.

Valentine's day is such a special day for me, it's when my first born came into the world. Truly the best gift a mom could ask for on this day of love. However, since he's a boy I never decorated his birthdays with hearts and the like which I am always tempted to do but I won't for his sake.

But I can decorate the rest of the house in hearts and cupids and that's exactly what I do!

Most of the items that I got to decorate for Valentine's day this year comes from Dollar tree with the exception of a few items that I got from Amazon and from Walmart. Some items, such as the bedding, I already had.

I always reiterate this on many of my blogs but in case you are new here I will say this again: Try your best to use items you already have instead of buying new ones, then save everything you used this year for the next. This is how you will be able to decorate your home for years to come without having to spend money each and every year.

How to decorate your room for Valentine's day on a budget

Bedroom decorated for Valentine's day in red and white with a charcuterie for two on the bed.

As previously mentioned, most items used on this project were bought from Dollar tree but I will go into detail where you can get find each and every item including links when available.

The best time to shop for Valentine's day items at Dollar tree is right after Christmas. They will already have all Valentine's day merchandise available and you will be one of the first to have access to it.

This decoration can be used as a seasonal decor but it is also perfect for a date night in. The room is ready for a romantic dinner, or movie night. Just choose the movie and enjoy!

1 - Pillow Covers

Got this set of four Valentine's day pillow cover from Amazon

Valentine's day pillows

2 - Bed Cover

My bedcover is actually a duvet but I use as a comforter. I don't even insert a duvet in. It comes with two pillow covers as well.

3 - Valentine's day basket
  • Dog in mug - Walmart

  • Valentine's day Card - Dollar Tree

  • Xo Bath bombs - Dollar tree

  • Xoxo napkins - Dollar tree

  • Basket - Dollar tree

  • Heart chocolate box - Walmart

Valentine's day gift basket

4 - Red blanket

I got this red blanket from Amazon and the coolest thing about it is that it is a heated blanket so it's perfect to cozy up under.

Valentine's day faux flower arrangement

5 - Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

I made this arrangement myself with fake flowers bought at dollar tree. You can see how I created it right here in this youtube video.

Valentine's day flower inside glass with light and a heart lollipop arrangement next to it.

6 - Flower in glass

Got this beautiful flower in a glass from Amazon. I love how it has LED light inside and you can even change the colors and the speed of the light. It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.

7 - Heart Lollipop arrangement

Made this one with a cup from dollar tree, filled it up with white rocks and added the lollipops. Very easy and cute diy.

8 - Love Card

Dollar tree

Valentine's day side table decor

Valentine's day bedroom decor
9 - Pink Sign

Dollar Tree

10 - Heart stand

Dollar tree

Valentine's day bag decor filled with white kit kats inside.

11 - DIY Kit Kat Gift Bag

I found this super cute bag at Dollar tree right along with the white kit-kats and what a perfect match it turned out.

Wine bottle and two glasses in a heart shaped basket

12 - Wine Glasses

I got the wine glasses from Amazon. It comes in a set of four but only used two in this picture.

13 - Heart basket

Dollar Tree

14- Keynote Wine


Charcuterie board for two on Valentine's day

13 - Charcuterie Board

I got the actual board from Amazon but added the foods and designed everything myself.

14 - Sign on top of bed

Dollar tree

15 - Fairy Lights on top of bed


16 - Envelope hanging on wall

Dollar tree

17 - Fairy Lights on floral arrangements

Dollar Tree


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